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  2. Weekend SG

    well it's totally dead again but this was an awesome run for a few months huge thanks for KRU for turning on premium & turning off aliens and for Rice, Wicked, and whoever else for helping make it happen. korean SG is toxic, our evening merc battles were better. josh actually kind of owns, rice is still rly good, xero is a bitch, and I'm out! <3 nvzero
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  4. A trip down memory lane

    I couldn't access them, because it just showed the "you can't host them" stuff. So, I removed them from here and waited. I think that they're all accessible again, so I can download them all from photobucket and forget about that webpage. Now I just need time. Or probably stop procrastinating this. Coming soon!
  5. Late to the Party

    Splash Damage
  6. Late to the Party

    What company?
  7. Late to the Party

    Oh, and now that it has been publicly announced, I can admit my company is working with Wargaming. Good fun.
  8. A trip down memory lane

    You could host them on amazon S3 buckets. Free.
  9. Weekend SG

    Would love to do this, I assume people are having the same problem I am (not remembering what the tits their password was a decade+ ago?) - checking to see if i can find an old password list or something
  10. Weekend SG

    I'd be more willing to log on more if kru support would get back to me about logging into my old account.
  11. Late to the Party

    Heh, I've played 4000 in the last couple months. Busy learning the ins and outs of every tank known to man. Experimenting with all manner of stuff. Learning how to blue people more or less at will. You know, the important stuff.
  12. A trip down memory lane

    Hi guys, come and join our SG facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/2204868048/ SG has revived, nw we had pop of ard 183 during last nite (Singa time zone). Hope more EHJ players can come bk to SG
  13. Weekend SG

    Hi guys, we had pop of ard 183 last nite (singa time zone). Come bk to SG and lets have some fun! You could join us in SG facebook page as well https://www.facebook.com/groups/2204868048/
  14. Weekend SG

    Ha, that's awesome Macen. I played LoL with my kids for years.
  15. Weekend SG

    Yes I somehow remembered my password. But it has been so long, and the UI is so clunky, wtf is an old man to do. My kids were laughing at me when I pulled it up. They were like what the hell is this, look at those graphics, wait how do you play, what is a POC, do you think we should try it out.....They dragged me into playing LoL with them, mom runs when we all play.
  16. Weekend SG

    EHJ-wise? Quite a few. Overall depends on time of day and day of week..
  17. Late to the Party

    Howdie old man! As my sig shows, 4 games last 60 days very randomly aswell
  18. Weekend SG

    logged in yesterday for the first time in ages. Quite some activity, i was suprised! Deity invited me to low so how many are active now?
  19. Weekend SG

    just pledged to Atl so I can interact with all my shirtless ex-EHJers
  20. Weekend SG

    I spotted many of you yesterday, and a couple that haven't posted in this thread: Macen ColaPola
  21. A trip down memory lane

    Would like to see em too!
  22. Weekend SG

  23. Weekend SG

    Yeah that worked. Thanks keck.
  24. Weekend SG

    Most of us are in SAKURA.
  25. Weekend SG

    @ExtremeEdgeGT - I ran into the same issue. Try /quitregiment, worked for me.
  26. History of IC/Einherjar?

    I miss you guys hah
  27. Weekend SG

    Apparently ehj is not in the regiment list and I'm officially a wulu
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