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  4. WoW:Classic

    I’m on oceanic Arugal server. Orc Shaman.
  5. IC.com - The Future

    End of an era (even if it's been quiet for a long time now).
  6. IC.com - The Future

    In Fact feel free to pm me if anyone needs the discord info.
  7. IC.com - The Future

    We do have a discord channel. I don't have the details handy but will be happy to get you an invite. VU - It comes up for renewal March 21, 2020. I have been renewing the domain for 2 years at a time. Looks like its going to be about $36 this time. We don't pay for hosting thanks to Ulrezaj.
  8. IC.com - The Future

    Do we have an IC/EHJ discord channel?
  9. IC.com - The Future

    Sadness, although discord has sorta taken the place.
  10. WoW:Classic

    I really need to look at these forums more often sigh. Jay come play with me...
  11. WoW:Classic

    Anyone still going? Myself, Wolf, Rahlar, Firakis, and Boff are still going strong on Pagle Horde. PVE server but its been good.
  12. IC.com - The Future

    Sad, but reasonable. The tiny dofus division has migrated to in-game chat and discord. When is ic.com up for renewal anyway and how much is it?
  13. IC.com - The Future

  14. IC.com - The Future

    All, At this point in time I am not planning to renew IC.com the next time it comes up. Thanks.
  15. WoW:Classic

    Don't be a wuss, Jay.
  16. WoW:Classic

    Rolled a Tauren Warr and UD Priest on the server with Raith. Kinda getting bored already. Uh oh.
  17. WoW:Classic

    Like wolfbite said up there there’s a few of us starting horde on pagel. Threw up a discord server if people want to chat and piss around https://discord.gg/muVPCbT
  18. WoW:Classic

    I"ll be Horde Herod. Looking at the queues almost all the servers are listed as full and the ones that aren't are listed as high for population
  19. WoW:Classic

    jeebus, its been awhile ;P
  20. WoW:Classic

    I'll be playing on a PvP server. We were planning Herod, but I think the queues are going to be stupid long.
  21. WoW:Classic

    I was waffling on rolling on a PVE server, so this will push me over the edge. Now to decide if I want to roll a Troll or Undead Priest 🤔
  22. WoW:Classic

    So talked with Rahlar, apparently we are rolling horde on the Pagel server..... Still bitter at having to run a horde character.... sigh... You can log in now and reserve your character name if you have an active account.
  23. WoW:Classic

    Hey everybody. I'll be back as well if we're getting the band back together.
  24. WoW:Classic

    Rolling Tauren Shaman in classic with my current guild. Hit me up on discord if you want to hook up: Vector#1137
  25. Hello...hello.......hello...ello

    I was going to see if anyone was interested in playing a Minecraft server that pays money each week if you have the highest value island. Minesaga.org Next server to start pays 250.00 in paypal and 200 in store items for 1st place and they pay less for the rest of the top 10 finishers each week. Probably a long shot but for anyone who wants to give it a go, I play on the Western realm currently as DarienChade.
  26. Hello...hello.......hello...ello

    Man, ghost town in here. Anyone still out there?
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