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  1. Eve

    I've removed the password from that subforum.
  2. Welcome back everyone

    Sorry about the hiccup last couple days. A table crashed and needed repairing. All good now.
  3. Welcome back everyone

    Sorry it took so long! As some of you already know, I recently (3 weeks ago) picked up my life and moved to Tokyo, so things have been a little hectic around here, to say the least. Luckily the problem was as I predicted and some shoving and pushing on the hosting admins got everything working again. Welcome back!
  4. Forum upgraded

    The forum software has been upgraded (it was quite downlevel) to combat certain vulnerabilities that we were recently hit with. I'm in the process of reverting all the skins and stuff back to how they were, but feel free to post things that are broken here.
  5. Give me your anime suggestions!!

    Guilty Crown had some innovations as far as anime technology went, but it was mostly shit. Watch Code Geass instead. It was written by Okouchi Ichiro, who is leagues better than Hiroyuki, who wrote Guilty Crown.
  6. Language software

    I learned Japanese from scratch after only taking a single intro class on it (after which I decided language classes don't work for me). I basically exposed myself to the language as much as possible by reading and listening to it whenever I got the chance. The best thing you can do for yourself is to get an SRS like Anki, or even better, one you can use on a smartphone so you always have it with you. It sucks but learning a language is 90% rote memorization. No matter how naturally you can pick up on grammar or pronunciation, there's no other way to learn those 10,000 words you'll need for daily conversation other than memorizing. Also, Rosetta stone sucks imo. You can get the same results in 1/10th the time by putting some elbow grease into flashcards.
  7. Forum undergoing DNS change

    I hadn't changed anything but it seems the uploads directory was set incorrectly. Anyone still getting this error? I did some testing and I'm not hitting it.
  8. Forum undergoing DNS change

    Update: All done! You may experience a short period of inaccessibility to the forum on Monday, which may or may not be accompanied by seeing missing posts. Panic not, as it is expected and should last no longer than a few hours.
  9. Learning emacs

    +1 for notepad++
  10. 1MB quota

  11. Japan goes for a swim.

    The US certainly didn't turn down all the donations for Katrina from the international community, so maybe it's a give and take kind of thing. Also, I think a lot of the help is in emergency personnel and equipment, things that aren't necessarily readily available even if they have put aside money for it already. Japan's Katrina contribution
  12. So very quiet/switch to random

    Yeah that was terribly worded. When I said "single player" I meant 1v1 as opposed to team (2v2, 3v3, 4v4). I didn't even consider that there is actually a literal "single player" mode as I haven't touched it in months.
  13. So very quiet/switch to random

    You learn to play in single player, then you put those skills into practice for team games. It's pretty difficult to go the other way. Pumping out stalkers in team games is a pretty decent strategy for the most part, as long as your teammates are also pumping out troops of some kind. They're pretty bad if you're the only army running around (as opposed to mutas, who can hold the map while your teammates tech). You should try custom games if you're bored. There are a ton of really fun ones out there.
  14. I just suffered my worst injury ever

    TIL what the frenulum is. I also learned why I'd rather have not known that tearing it was possible. My condolences.
  15. Ground Zero Mosque

    Those are excerpts from a speech by... Charlton Heston. He was speaking out when people on the left demanded that the NRA not hold their convention in Denver out of respect to the then-recent victims of Columbine. Now what recent issue might his speech have just as much bearing on... I got this from a Daily Show episode a few days back - full episode is here.