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  1. Weekend SG

    Time to spam kru tickets about getting my account back. lol The account is on a dead Email and don't remember the password. I was playing on a couple other accounts I have access too and got to play in a couple battles this past weekend.
  2. I wasnt they owned me piggys!
  3. So I was messing around with it last night there was alot of FPing going on and they seem to love to battle aliens. Is this normal or was I on at a bad time?
  4. So i clicked english and it didnt translate it. Just kept clicking and now somethings downloading INC Chinese virus. Edit: Got it DLed and am logged on add me IGN: Killacobra
  5. Syria 2013

    Not saying that its being forced on us at all. We just bring so much attention to stuff like this that it seems to be expected of us to do something about it.
  6. Syria 2013

    As much as I agree with this statement we have been made into the world police. If we do nothing we are assholes and piss people off if we do something about this we are assholes and piss people off. I just hope I don't have to get deployed into this dirty bomb shithole.
  7. Premier League

  8. Music (Muzaks)

    I like Corey Taylor a lot I think it was good for him to do something different like stone sour. For the people that didn't know or couldn't tell he is also the lead singer for slipknot.
  9. Final Fantasy XIV

    So for anyone that was in the beta I heard this plays a lot like WoW. True or did the guy not know what hes talking about?
  10. The Point of Contention Thread

    Lies all about the triage.
  11. Our Darker Purpose

    Gratz and voted on steam.
  12. Testing Crap

    Thats not how it works
  13. Tripping the Circuit

    Just to clear it up I got a surge protector and the problem has stopped.
  14. Tripping the Circuit

    Its a LCD tv