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  1. The Beer Pong Championship Fight Night

    You are still in school? I had the feeling you were done with school.
  2. TV Show Recommendations

    Did anyone check out Chozen, http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3221268/, last night? I DVRed it. I never watched Archer, so Im curious how this one turns out.
  3. Gaming Mouse

    love it.
  4. TV Show Recommendations

    Heard that Mob City might not get picked up after 6 episodes.
  5. TV Show Recommendations

    If you are a Seinfeld fan, do yourself a favor. http://comediansincarsgettingcoffee.com/
  6. Official Movie Discussion Thread

    Im not sure if they are apples-apples comparison.
  7. TV Show Recommendations

    Watched the final episodes of Mob City today, good stuff. Hopefully the next season comes out soon, was only 6 episodes...
  8. Website Hosts

    After having a discussion with a buddy, he thinks our price at GoDaddy was going to increase because we want to add a list serve feature to the website.
  9. Website Hosts

    Thanks guys.
  10. Website Hosts

    An organization I am involved with currently has a website hosted by Go Daddy. We are looking to change servers/ hosts because they charge almost double for a Wordpress formatted website, we are transitioning to Wordpress. Do you guys know of any Go Daddy competitors that I can research to see their charges for Wordpress hosting?
  11. TV Show Recommendations

    I have Mob City set to record. The first episode airs Wednesday on TNT.
  12. NBA Season 13-14 Thread

    Encouraging sign for Miami yesterday with Beasley putting in some quality minutes of the bench!
  13. NBA Season 13-14 Thread

    I dont know where your comments on the Heat are coming from. "Beaten up"? Although Wade's knees are showing signs of aging, Bosh/ James are still in their prime. Miami added quality depth with Beasley and took a flyer on Oden. "Lethargic"??? I dont understand how you could use that adjective to describe a team coming off back-to-back NBA titles with the front office continuing to make role-player addtions/ subtractions to make the team better. James Jones, not sharing time with Mike Miller, will have a great season along with Allen and Battier on the wing. Birdman will continue to flourish in his role as an energy player. Imagine of Oden gets back into shape and can provide 8-12 MPG in protecting the rim... I agree the Pacers will challenge Miami again in the East, but I don't Miami is ready to pass the torch of the East to anyone yet.
  14. Hockey Pool

    Neal also seemed to be coming back sooner.
  15. Hockey Pool

    In another league I am in, a manager just dropped James Neal (PIT W) and Rick Nash (NYR W). The league has two IR spots, I am considering picking one up. Any thoughts suggestions??