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  1. I give up

    This saturday I went out in town after working the friday night shift and not getting any sleep. Around 3am after way too many beers I decided to walk home but half way home I was too tired to carry on so I went to sleep at the side of the road. Luckily some random students driving past noticed me and gave me a lift home haha
  2. Cats that look like Hitler!

    I was hoping for a better likeness

    loved fallout 3 and with the GOTY edition it came with all the addons so bonus
  4. Beginner's Guide to GT

    ok ty
  5. Beginner's Guide to GT

    Hey guys are any worlds opening soon? I might try this out again now i have more free time to play.
  6. Mary Jane - shes possibly not work friendly...

    there is a private forum
  7. This sinking feeling...

    wouldn't we have to call it a pipe, but I agree it seems so unreal.
  8. Surfrats Infringement

    I should learn to read all posts before clicking links
  9. I give up

    ye Hell get a firearm that when you can just blow anyone away that annoys you when your drunk
  10. Global Triumph

    Drypto and you can check the battle log but it only tells you if your destroyed the target or lost your unit
  11. Welcome back everyone

    Thank for you sorting out my permissions
  12. New Forum, Quitting Member

    Sorry to see you leaving Draft, hope you pop on now and then and your always welcome back.
  13. Welcome back everyone

    stop spamming hell
  14. Welcome back everyone

    Dofus permissions please.
  15. Global Triumph

    Im pretty busy with vorgue, we are airstriking each other pretty bad stopping any advancements