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  1. Heroes of the Storm

    Add me: Antz#6896 Still trying to level up my individual champions to level 4. Currently Player level 21.
  2. Heroes of the Storm

    Heard there will be no more wipes, who's playing?
  3. Anyone going? October 25-26 @ Suntec. More information here: http://gamestart.asia/
  4. EHJ Fantasy Football League 2014

    Am I blind or did I miss the keeper's dead line? Under My Team, I don't have the Keeper's option as the last option, instead it's "Edit Team Info"
  5. EHJ Fantasy Football League 2014

    Logged into Yahoo! today, saw my team full of players, thought I missed the draft...realized my team looks awfully similar to last years team...
  6. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

    But not 1st generation iPads
  7. EHJ Fantasy Football League 2013

    Bad season for me
  8. Final Fantasy XIV

    I like this.
  9. Heart of the Swarm

    Did 2 missions in the campaign last night. Not bad.
  10. SimCity

    I never got the code for $20 off your next purchase. Anyone else?
  11. Heart of the Swarm

    Got the game today. Will probably see me on sometime this week . Weekend for sure.
  12. Shattered Galaxy Reunion Bring my Sexy SG Back!

    Someone send me an IC.com message on the day before so i remember!
  13. SimCity

    The release was one of the biggest dropped balls in online gaming. That said, the game itself is actually quite well made. I've logged nearly 14 hours on it in the last week. Of which at least 6 of it was playable.
  14. Dota2 Beta

    Add Me! http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198078421163