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  1. The Point of Contention Thread

    And then I reconnected with you guys just to break it. GG WP me.
  2. Diablo 3 - Battletag

    Long time, no see folks. I'll probably be playing with coworkers, but just in case. Inoki#1975
  3. Civ 5

    One of the few games I worked on at 2k and still bought full price. It's worth it, even without DLC.
  4. Mass Effect 1 & 2

    I did a normal playthrough on Paragon, and my insane playthrough (though not complete) is on Renegade. That way I can get my frustrations out by killing some NPCs.
  5. Team Fortress 2

    Meet the Medic is out. Also, TF2 is now free. Forever. Long story short: IF YOU DON'T ALREADY OWN TF2 WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU.
  6. New Games - PC

    Good for the resume, at least =X
  7. New Games - PC

    Now that it's out, I can finally say the following. Duke Nukem Forever was my final project during my contract at 2k Games.
  8. Team Fortress 2

    While I am unemployed, any of these days seem good. I do have a friend who just started playing TF2. Maybe I'll ask what he prefers for a vote =P
  9. Non-video gaming

    I love Clue! But now I always wish Tim Curry was in the board game version....
  10. Non-video gaming

    I haven't played 40k in a while, but I've been meaning to dust off my Space Wolves. I've compensated by playing the Deathwatch RPG, but our group's on a break. The girlfriend and I play Malifaux, Monsterpocalypse, and Warmachine/Hordes when we can, but with our local game store gone under, we haven't played recently. I've been meaning to try the WoW card game, honestly. It'd work out well because I'd enjoy the game, and the girl gets the WoW loot =P
  11. The Holdouts- Links to stories in first post

    Personally I'd go with "The Hold-Outs." Short, sweet, interesting.
  12. Monday Night Combat

    I played on 360. It's a fun game, but no one seems to use the voice chat. If more people actually talk on the PC version, I'd prefer to play that.
  13. Christmas Presents

    I got a headache playing with Wulus in LoL. and a rock.
  14. Board Games

    Yes, and yes. If you're not super into Zombies at the moment, Last Night won't be fantastic. You described Quelf perfectly. Prime drinking game too (include drinking when you break a rule)
  15. Board Games

    Yeah. I played Last Night about 8 times with a friend, and won 7 times. The balance is shit, but still looks cool. I forgot to mention my new favorite card game, Gloom. It's a game where the purpose is to torture and murder your family so they have the best possible afterlife. It's a storytelling game, so you can laugh as the Mad Scientist family is tortured by poodles, while simultaneously trying to cheer your opponents' families up by taking them on picnics.