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  1. Heya Nv tried adding your two accounts i've seen on these forums no luck (not sure if i;ve been doing it right). Whats your char name and code? pm please ^^
  2. Thanks Peaches I've seen some updates on facebook for Poc looks good. Joined the teamspeak will say hello when someone is on ^^. In the mean time people can give me a shout if they want to do some SC2 2 v 2 don't mind if against people or A.I.
  3. NA servers (even though I'm in the U.K) Lockear is the character name and code is 344. Give us a shout if interested, no one i know personally plays SC and i'm loving it XD I used to play Shattered galaxy and was a little late to joining EHJ before they disbanded (So many freeking years ago now). Garthmanx