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  1. Hey gang, Help a newb out. From what I gathered in another thread - the main website crashed? What's IC/Einherjar about? what's the history? Looks like an SG clan that evolved into multi-game divisions or?
  2. A trip down memory lane

    The worst of all is that, in the length of time since then, I've not only lost touch with people I grew up playing games with on places like MSN Gaming Zone, MPlayer, Kali, GameSpy et cetera, but I cannot remember the various emails and IM handles I used. It's a giant unrecoverable black hole. Games I've played that I have faint memory glimpses of, but that I do not even remember the names of. Sites like Shockwave.com lost like tears in the rain. Ours is probably the last generation of gamers to have a black hole issue like this, since nowadays it's more centralized in hubs like Steam, where your account is more or less forever because you have paid goods on it. The world at large has finally caught up with the pioneers of online entertainment, and the pleasures of gaming time sinks. And yet here we are, reminiscing of an obscure game that hasn't seen the light of day in a decade. Looking at these screenshots I'm awed at the aesthetic of the user interface more than anything. Nowadays games have trimmed UIs as much as they can, but it's these older games that really tried to cram veneer into every pixel available. However... We have to keep in mind that we are, in the long run, a very early generation of gamers. Computer games at this scale have only been around for 20 years. Counter intuitively, SG is not dead. The genre of MMO-RTT-RTS has barely lifted off the ground. SG is an early pioneer who was slightly ahead of the curve. We are now in the twilight phase, recuperating. LoL and other relatively "simpler" games are going to allow the current generations of gamers a launch pad for games like SG to come. The next phase is the return. Thanks for the memories. I still log onto SG to run around and shoot the shit, but it's been eons since I've last seen a battle full of players swarming about.
  3. History of IC/Einherjar?

    Thanks for sharing that actually. I could be wrong about this - it's been years since I've last played games to any competitive degree - but this list is a hark back to early 2000s clan-based gaming sphere. There were clans with hundreds of players across many games - Counter-Strike, Starcraft, Age of Empires and other games on MSN Gaming Zone. These days I see less of that because the popular games tend to be very small player wise. Of course it doesn't help that most of us are now 30+ and have little to no time to really invest into gaming to the degree that we once did. I'm hoping some day the tide changes and the communities of old keep lineage in some way and allow new members to integrate into them, rather than just being walled off gardens for players of old (think in terms of hundreds-of-years of WWW existence kind of thing). Happy to see folks in this thread. Any word on the other SG communities?
  4. History of IC/Einherjar?

    I meant the Chinese remake that's around.
  5. History of IC/Einherjar?

    Thanks for all the replies - I see there is still some life on these boards!! @Tender Peaches - Looks like a hi-tech take on dwarf fortress . I do like minimalist UIs like that, good times. @Obsidian - Good chronological overview there. I think I found this site by searching for shattered galaxy and stumbled upon a semi-official (most likely) forum, which is now locked, but they mentioned SG2 and they may have mentioned this site too. It's been awhile so I forget the details. Peaches' Point of Contention thread I think shows up on google as well. I help run a similar outfit for an old game called Infantry Online; we ended up writing our own servers since Sony was P2P and nobody felt like paying. Been running since 2003 but the population has been steadily decreasing as people get older. Nonetheless, the "veterans" of the game stay and play regularly. I suppose on some level I can relate to the nostalgia and the want to keep the community around. Any word on Shattered Galaxy 2 making any dents in the western world? I got the client but it seems fairly sparse.
  6. History of IC/Einherjar?

    Thanks for chiming in Surfrats. What % of the members are still around? I found an old version of Einherjar main website through the wayback machine and it had a hefty list of members.
  7. Peaches, Not sure if you played it yet but they have an interesting approach to their asset pipeline - they took SG1 sounds and music, and Starcraft 2 graphics. I'm not sure if they straight up ripped the assets out of the game, but mesh wise they accurately match what SC2 has (tiles, doodads like cannons, walls, etc). Both the launcher and the game are written in Unity3D/C#, you can pop open the .dll and see the unobfuscated source code - they frequently use variables in their language :|. For anyone wanting to do a proper English translation, it should be possible!
  8. The Point of Contention Thread

    I've been waiting for that time availability poll
  9. The Point of Contention Thread

    Tried to make that one but couldn't! I'll be back in a week's time
  10. The Point of Contention Thread

    Some of those are behind yet-another-proprietary file format sadly. See what you can dig up though. Here is the source and the executable: http://jovan-s.com/SGDatUnpacker.zip Usage: 1. Drag the .dat files you want to unpack into the same directory as the exe. 2. Run the program, type the filename when prompted. 3. You'll see the appropriate folder created where the unpacked files are. Happy hunting!
  11. The Point of Contention Thread

    Thanks! and no I have not yet played it. I've been lurking here and got the email recently from the forums. I'll post the source code up when I get home so people can extract more than just the sounds - although I doubt people will use the graphic assets
  12. The Point of Contention Thread

    This might come in handy: http://jovan-s.com/Shattered%20Galaxy%20OST.zip I wrote a small extractor and put the OST together - I take it that SC2 maps can have custom background music? Not sure if this has been done already