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  1. Hi

    Well been doing pre-sales in the winter for a fitness studio that has been delayed 3 months, dated a beautiful girl (1st year law student) who friend zoned me, and now I'm at home chillin. So guess you could say life is good. And u?
  2. Hi

    Hi yes good times back in the day, does feel like it's been a while. Also fun trips to NYC, Montreal, and Florida with ya'll lovable nerds.
  3. Try not to flip all your shits at once

    GamingGodP king of newbs Will be ScubaGodP hawks, spirits, and gryphs all day err day
  4. So, who likes to cook?

    Keltar, funny lol Peaches, is that why you keep coming back? Anyway, OP likes to cook I know that. Some people like to talk about how to cook. Others just want to share that they like to cook.
  5. So, who likes to cook?

    Paradoxex a simple "hey, how was it prepared" should do it justice. Shared the idea and the ingredients before I was aware people were looking for such details. Was assuming people knew how to steam vegetables, cut avocado, bake a fish.
  6. So, who likes to cook?

    Baked Salmon. Steamed is self explanatory. Lol don't make it hard for people with sarcasm just ask for more.
  7. So, who likes to cook?

    Typically use Mrs. Dash no salt seasoning or Braggs herbs seasoning if its on sale on top of salmon. Steamed asparagus. Fresh avocado.
  8. So, who likes to cook?

    Nothing too crazy here just a standard meal for me. Wild Sockeye, asparagus, avocado.
  9. Earlburt

    I remember him talking about his relationships and stuff when we were hanging out in Florida. Earlburts a great guy with too much humor to be upset about the world. And yes the vid rocks I am FB friends too.
  10. Forum upgraded

    Thank you for taking care of this.
  11. Heart of the Swarm

    Damn if I were him I would have sold it for $20.
  12. Heart of the Swarm

    I've spent $60 on video games since 2010. That was spent on WoL. Another $40 on HoTs. So at $3 a month I get unlimited multiplayer realm to pwn and dominate in a challenging RTS. Gonna play the campaign first then join people for some games if you guys wanna group up at some time.
  13. Shattered Galaxy Reunion Bring my Sexy SG Back!

    Shattered Galaxy one of my favorite games of all time. SG was basically my high school girlfriend.
  14. ScubaFit Infringement

    Keep this thread fresh so we can get more exposure for ScubaFit lol.
  15. What the fuck are people playing?

    No wonder I don't see you on SC2 anymore haha. I hope you're still exercising though...