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  1. Overwatch

    I already Pre-ordered. Didn't get beta invite unfortunately will a bunch of you be playing regularly? I'd like to play in premades as opposed to randoms seeing as how team comp affects win/loss so much.
  2. Path of Exile

    Cool, i Pm'd you. For anyone else who wants to play you can add me ingame : DividebyzeroDC. I play Hardcore Leagues exclusively but if you decide to play SC I can help with builds and stuff.
  3. Path of Exile

    Yeah new league challenges are pretty tough. They buffed a lot of old spells and added some new gem interactions, should hop on just to check it out when you get the chance! I'm currently top 100 in HC ladder, don't have a group to play with though so I'll fall behind eventually =(.
  4. Path of Exile

    As always, new league starts soon. Let me know if anyone is playing. Will be playing on HC.
  5. Overwatch

    Didn't get into Beta, but did participate in the weekend stress test they had. I must say I found the game rather enjoyable, though I also like games such as TF2 and Dirty Bomb (which I am playing now). Already pre-ordered. Favorite Hero/Champ/Whatever is Hanzo by far, followed by Widowmaker.
  6. Diablo 3 - Battletag

    S2 Started, Anyone interested I can powerlevel to 70. Just hit up my btag and let me know. Btag is Acydecia#1390. Please identify as an EHJ'er since i don't pay attention =P
  7. Diablo 3 - Battletag

    For those that aren't aware S2 is starting on Feb. 13th, 9PM EST. New shinies to find!
  8. Albion Online

    Anyone playing alpha/planning on playing? Edit: Read up a little more, game is supposed to be full loot pvp, playstyle is said to be similar to runescape. There are no set classes, skills come from the type of armor/weapon you equip. Seems interesting though the gameplay looks a bit slow for my tastes.
  9. Diablo 3 - Battletag

    I'll probably play again when the new season comes out. Looking to try a sader maybe, though I don't find their builds all that interesting.
  10. Path of Exile

    Super Necro! Will be playing next season on the Hardcore ladder again. Let me know if you wish to join me. If SC is more your thing I can also give insight into some builds and perhaps roll a character nearing the end of the league. (But seriously Hardcore is better =D) I also have a guild that is pretty empty so I can add you if you just want to pop on and off.
  11. Archeage

    Hope you guys are having fun, I just started playing a couple of days ago though on a different server with some friends. Came across this thread, might help some of you guys out that like to play on the AH. He updates daily and their AH is tied to your server, Kyrios. Have fun out there! http://forums.archeagegame.com/showthread.php?77148-The-ACME-Report-(Ache-Morning-Economic-Report)
  12. WildStar - Anyone Played?

    It's pretty tiring to focus for so long during dungeons+raids. If you still need a key Bric, send me a PM.
  13. I'm no longer playing but I believe i have 2 more guest keys if you have anyone on the fence that wants to try it out. Let me know.
  14. WildStar - Anyone Played?

    PM'd - 2 left
  15. Marvel Heroes

    Omega point system looks really cool, going to burn out on Wildstar before I go back to MH though, since it's really a pick up anytime and play game.