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  1. Weekend SG

    Hi, I just login. Btw where is everyone at? Thks
  2. A trip down memory lane

    I do ! hi everyone Thks blake , bring back memories..
  3. Hi, Anyone playing this? *miss sg* Ruiz
  4. Hi All

    Hi Guys, So happy U all still remember me Currently playing tons of Hearthstone (anyone playing?, add me pls), going stop wow sub soon (bored I guess) and looking for new games... (still no games better then SG in my opinion) Trying Heroes of the Storm but I sucks at it (I like the game thou). Read about albion online seems interesting, let me know if anyone playing . Cheers Edit: Deity, Can Promote me to members pls ? Thks
  5. Hi All

    Hi Guys, It been a long time since I came back. I hope ppl still remember me. I saw quite a few familiar names. Currently I on WoW (oceanic server) doing casual stuff and tons of Hearthstone. Ruiz