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  1. Everyone, I just recently started work on setting up my twitch stream. I’ll be streaming Final Fantasy 14 along with some of the Niche games like Yakuza and Disgaea. If you could pop in and give me a follow. You don’t have to watch but I’d like to get the 50 followers out of the way for affiliate early. Also so if any of you are good with graphics looking for some help with Follower and sub alerts and maybe some design work on my main twitch page. Shoot me a DM on twitch or reply here is fine too. If anyone is currently playing 14 could also leave your info here and maybe we could get a discord setup. Twitch.tv/kalmenus1 Thanks in advance.
  2. A trip down memory lane

    I wonder how much KRU would sell the rights for SG since they killed the server finally. they probably had it running on a desktop.
  3. History of IC/Einherjar?

    Congrats, the fun begins now. Lots of fun inbound. Just remember to keep track of the sleep you miss now. Then when they are older as a joke give him a bill and say this is how many hours you cost us when you were born.
  4. A trip down memory lane

    Hey that's right Edge for Overlord. He rules all. Free cookies and hookers for everyone should he become OL yet again.
  5. History of IC/Einherjar?

    Mac I had the same issue for a while there it was giving a database error for like a month or so. I pop my head in about once a week here myself. very few of us active these days. At least on the forums anyway.
  6. History of IC/Einherjar?

    Basically what wingnut said, however some of us are available on other games to this day. We just don't have the large presence we used to. A lot of us are still out there just hiding. Your mission as a newbie is to come out to all game systems and PC and find us. I will make mine easy PSN Kalmenus
  7. The Division

    I was wondering I know the forums are a little slow as we all have moved on to other things, but I was wondering if anyone has the Division on PS4? Or even PC i been thinking of picking it up on PC since I have almost all the trophies on the Playstation?
  8. New gaming computer

    Windows 10 i would say is worth it. Its mainly alot of little changes but the small changes make my work easier. Such as the dashboard has been shrunk down and added to the start menu location so you dont have to feel like you need a touch screen to use. They brought back a taskbar for every monitor you have so you dont have to keep going back to one monitor to launch another computer. So far I am liking what they have done for windows 10. Edit: Its also a free upgrade.
  9. New gaming computer

    Stay away from the Kingston SSD. I was buying those to upgrade laptops for the company i work at and after about 3 to 6 months they were going out. I just stopped buying those all together. Try the Segate or Samsung. And then keep your 1tb drive for all your files and use the SSD for the OS.
  10. Elder scrolls online

    Dang it everyone is hanging around PCs these days. I might have to break down and build me a new rig. I work with PCs all day i just cant sit in front of one on my time off so I go consoles so PS4 is where most of my spare time what little i have goes.
  11. Elder scrolls online

    I'm on ps4 anyone playing, or do we have anyone that started a guild on. Psn kalmenus current charecter Kalmena
  12. Desiny PS4

    Tom, there is I haven't tried it myself yet(I have the game to), im the same way I am not on long enough right now other than a few dailies and or Final fantasy on the weekends. I was thinking about the order 1886 but I hear its tooooo short. I like good games but I want more than a day or so of playtime. Work has taken a lot of time lately. I need a week or two of the old time days on end gaming sessions. Sometimes I hate growing up.
  13. Desiny PS4

    Carny what's your PSN? I have had a lot of work going on lately so haven't been on more than Netflix or hulu lately. Weekends I alternate between FF14 and Destiny. Tom I still need to send you an invite. and Stoney buy me an XBONE and ill play it there too
  14. Desiny PS4

    Ill shoot you a friend request Tom once I get home.
  15. Desiny PS4

    Got it was on destiny this morning doing some of the daily bounties. it would be nice to have someone to do the NIghtfall with.