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  1. Escape From Silver Keep

    It's the Rod of energy drain that crashes the current 1.0.6 of the game. The biggest bummer, though, so far is that the connector levels don't have return doors on them. 2 of the 3 gate house maps don't have a door leading back to garden level 4. 2 of the 3 guard house maps don't have a door going north into the courtyard (but a second up arrow that dumps you onto tower level 5). Ranged attacks still buggy too. Often times if there's a 1 layer wall or vegetation separating you and a monster, you can shoot "through" the wall and hit the monster. Sometimes this will crash the game. Hall of Valor is a buggy level, only because there are mobs there that use the energy drain spell on you. You get a "energy drain attack from an unknown location" spew on your message screen, and the game crashes. So I don't go down there without teleport, and I just bounce around until I'm heads up with Acheron, then I bounce right back out.
  2. Escape From Silver Keep

    Well bummer. If you ever decide to dust it off let me know. I'll be happy to test it for ya =)'
  3. Escape From Silver Keep

    Blowing up a level with too many items also crashes the game now. (unholy glow).
  4. Escape From Silver Keep

    So the game essentially "ends" at gate house lvl 1. Entrance back to garden lvl 4 goes missing, and there's a ascend which drops you off in tower level 5 with no way to get back down.
  5. Escape From Silver Keep

    Using v. 1.0.6 of EfSK, and just hit guard house lvl 1. Just noticed that the entrance door (from garden level 4) switched from one side of my screen to the other.
  6. Escape From Silver Keep

    Bummer, 1.0.6 is still app crashing, although not as frequently. Crashed in the warrens. There were a LOT of items on the floor and just prior to crashing, I walked over a pair of mail gauntlets on the ground that I had never picked up. The game identified them for me as +0 mail gauntlets - while they were still on the ground - so I had a feeling the game was about to blow right when that happened =(
  7. Escape From Silver Keep

    Excellent, thanks! I'll give it a try. Just ran into the same rod zapping bug again. It wasn't a rod of force, since I used one earlier with no problems. It was a rod with a directional fire though, so it couldn't be spectre. My memory of the items on EFSK aren't as good as they were 20 years ago =)
  8. Escape From Silver Keep

    Ran into another AppCrash on it. Happened right as I was issuing a zap command on an unknown rod. Could have been Rod of the Spectre or Rod of Force. Those were the 2 (that I remember) that I had not yet identified.
  9. Escape From Silver Keep

    I've got your 1.0.5 version of keep running, but it seems to crash about every 90 minutes. the 10 times I managed to make it into the warrens without the game crashing, I've been eaten by psionic screens, flaming pit traps, bags of devouring, vampiric rings, and rods of the spectre. Ahh... the memories =)' Also, is there a mailing list I can get on for when your newer games become available?
  10. Escape From Silver Keep

    Thank you so much for posting this! I was a huge keep addict at UCSC back in the early 90's (account Lexis), and had a flash of nostalgia the other day, so I thought I would go searching to see if it was ever modified for client use. I still have visions of picking up that first spellbook of wizard's wrath =)'