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  1. WoW:Classic

    I"ll be Horde Herod. Looking at the queues almost all the servers are listed as full and the ones that aren't are listed as high for population
  2. WoW:Classic

  3. Weekend SG

    I can't believe i missed this post by Ach, great read. Makes me miss SG soo hard.
  4. WoW:Classic

    I call dibz on summoning Bergz to the bottom of the ocean
  5. A trip down memory lane

    I miss SG soo much.... i've never found a game that has captured me like SG did.
  6. The Repopulation

    ******NECRO ALERT****** kek necro... Anyone made the plunge and giving repopulation a try? its in alpha and actively being developed. Anyone that loved SWG is going to really resonate with this game.
  7. So i'm logged into the launcher but i have no idea what to click on this screen
  9. Archeage

    anyone know any undocumented housing areas? i've found one so far, but its only for medium sized houses
  10. Archeage

    How is everyone enjoying world of queues?
  11. Archeage

    i'm lvl 16 IGN - Kaygee My co-worker is also lvl 16 his IGN - Boyders Would love any kind of guild invite (my co-worker is kind of a nub but he rocked FFXIV pretty hardcore)
  12. Archeage

    A bunch of my co-workers are playing, i'm making them start on Kyrios. I might steer the more hardcore ones your guy's way
  13. Diabro 3 : RoS

    You should make an EHJ community in D3... i'd say clan but i'm in a clan with all my co-workers =)
  14. Diablo 3 - Battletag

    My new bliz btag is lKGl#1106, i might get my other account back so tha tmight be valid too =)