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  1. IC.com - The Future

    Sad, but reasonable. The tiny dofus division has migrated to in-game chat and discord. When is ic.com up for renewal anyway and how much is it?
  2. Dofus open house weekend

    Bump. This is on now.
  3. Dofus open house weekend

    Next weekend only, even f2p chars can go everywhere and do everything, if I read this announcement correctly. This may be a good time to dust off your old logins and have a look at how much has changed and how much has been added.
  4. History of IC/Einherjar?

    Congrats indeed. Look after the mother. Kids grow up anyway. (Mine's 14.)
  5. History of IC/Einherjar?

    What makes you so sure? Booked a CS? If not, 1st borns are ~ 1 week overdue on average. Back to the topic of gaming communities, let me report on the the state of affairs in the dofus community. Here, the splintering of guilds and servers has lead Ankama (publishers of dofus and various other, typically french entertainment) to introduce alliances (clans of guilds) and wars between them over territory, to replace the static 2 party war between red and white wings, introduce inter-server pvp (first 3-vs-3 and now also 1-vs-1) with matchmaking across all servers, and merge all english-speaking servers next Tuesday to increase player density; same for groups of ~ 5 french servers each etc. For once I think they're doing the right thing here. I don't play other games so I don't know how much of that is copied. What's good is that they finally understood that there's nothing worse than running through a void without meeting anyone when it's meant to be a MMORPG. And that happened all too often, especially on the smaller, newer servers that will be merged with our home server, Rushu. Perhaps MMO games have lost their role as pre-cursors to modern social networks. People can have the same social cohesion without having to beat up pixels and, whenever they feel like it, do some casual gaming on the side.
  6. History of IC/Einherjar?

    The dofus division is experiencing a mini resurrection. We're 5 active players most days!
  7. History of IC/Einherjar?

    Not to mention threads about the glorious wars waged in arid regions close to oil.
  8. History of IC/Einherjar?

    Where is Samah? Samah posted a massive mea-culpa on the unofficial dofus forums where he basically admitted to stealing from people to be the first lvl 100 tailor. I've had a brief look but can't find the link I'm afraid. I believe he gave up on math/CS (he was doing some pseudo-randum number generator stuff) to become a chef. But then, all this may be wrong because my own memory at 50 is not what it used to be. Why things like this forum slow down has been sufficiently summarised by Carny's "I think we all just got older." Plans for world domination on the back of a superior website experience for gamers are, let's say, ambitious. Were your accounts deleted, Hanibal? Probably not. Try to log and you'll see. Since I'm writing anyway I might as well report back even if hardly anyone here would know me unless they played dofus. I still play some dofus every day although it has become rather quiet in Einherjar (Dofus). Right now only Fecan logs daily on his new chars to keep me some company. I tried a few other games but none of them can hold my attention for long. All the fancier stuff is out anyway because I'm playing on a little MacBook Air. When I'm not playing I'm torturing under- and postgrads by teaching CS, do some research into formally verifying stuff people actually care about, drink wine, or wonder why both my wife and our 13yo daughter are so horse-crazy that they had to buy an ex-race horse. Life must be good.
  9. History of IC/Einherjar?

    Meanwhile the dofus division is still playing daily, more than 11 years after the dofus guild was founded. We're down to a few. Gaming has become more casual for all of us. In this day and age, none of us can put in the insane hours it takes to dominate servers. I call this progress not defeat.
  10. Elite Dangerous EHJ Group?

    It's windows-only for now unfortunately. The game looks good to suckers for the space theme but no game looks good enough to make me impose impose any of those OSs onto my poor and unsuspecting hardware. Please shout when you hear about a mac or linux beta.
  11. Welcome back everyone

  12. I failed to find how to set the web client to engrish.
  13. NHL Playoffs

    Speaking of major sporting competitions, there's a little thing on in Brazil these days. In many ways it's almost as juiced as baseball but it's still a game I enjoy to watch occasionally. I feel particularly rewarded for watching when it produces feel-good stories such as today's win of the mighty Ivory Coast, coached by some TV presenter with 0 football coaching xp, over Asia champions Japan.
  14. WWIII

    Whatever happens down there will afterwards only be considered a war by the losers. The rest of the world will call it a clarification of uncertainty about some irrelevant state's borders.