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  1. Hi All

    Come play Elite Dangerous check games forum.
  2. Looking to start an EHJ group so we can do what we do best. I've got myself and Night so far maybe some others that are not part of EHJ yet. Also am pestering VD a bit and poked Pep. Attempting to awaken the ever stealthy Byproduct. Looks like this content patch they are releasing soon involves a faction system.
  3. Ghost Recon Online

    I really dont get how we havent attracted more people to this game. Schatz and myself have been playing and still having a great time despite the small flaws in the game that can be overlooked because of the level of fun. I urge the members of EHJ download it play it for a few hours get in to a class and let us add you to the EHJ clan Clan matches would be an absolute blast and I still believe that we as a kick ass laid back group would do very well in this game.
  4. Minecraft

    yes i have a server up and running if you want access talk to me on steam steam ID: v4erice or [EHJ] Ghost Slubba my server is up 24/7 unless my net takes a shit
  5. Ghost Recon Online

    BTW my IGN is Slubba and Skype if ya want to add me is slubbadubb
  6. Ghost Recon Online

    As Schatz has been saying this game has some different classes and ability's that do seem out of place in a "modern warfare world" but to be perfectly honest this is the first shooter that some little asshole cant run around with two double barrels and slaughter an entire team of players. This is also the first shooter that I was able to pick up and am very good at and my kill/death ratio doesn't want to make me slit my wrists for investing time and money into. Fact I have never been able to get more than a 3 or 4 kill streak in a MWF game because of either hackers or I just don't get how the hell it's possible to be shooting at someone right in their face and yet they shoot last and somehow they are still running when the smoke clears(on ps3 mw3). So here's where EHJ was sold to me back in WOW days I think VD said this to me after fucking with me and asking me if I did crack and masturbate to men you know just to make sure I was cool and handle a little shit. Then he asked me if I'm the type of person will walk around on a daily basis and yell fuck pants whilst not wearing pants... Well if only we could do that without being arrested... BUT the last thing I was told when joining EHJ is that we win and all of these branches EVE, WOW and SG, we get on and people fear us, they know that were only letting them live because we just finally noticed them there scratching their ass and on our way to show em where the goose goes. So we have a clan and a game that yea its in beta, but it's free and if slubba can do well in game, then imagine what someone with actual talent in a shooter could do? So I invite you to join us and get on skype, get the game, It would be awesome to see the ole crew back Wolf, VD, Rah, Khez, Deity, Night you all know you are if I didn't name you I'm sorry I just woke up with no pants on after playing Ghost Recon Online all night.......
  7. Planet Side 2

    im up to play when i can. just find me on steam v4erice
  8. Planet Side 2

    Id have to say my gripe with it is the system requirements at this point in time. My laptop meets the minimum but barely.and my desktop needs a new cpu and a ram upgrade before i touch it. so laptop it is with all the video settings way down.
  9. Planet Side 2

    tutorial stuffs right meow
  10. Planet Side 2

    So I noticed that there are a few of us playing this game on steam. Its a free to play shooter that i have only been in for about 20 minutes. Then I watched some tutorial videos and now this actually seems like a game that we as EHJ could get behind and dominate as a team. It looks like there is the ability to group together and have a name attached to said group. Unless I'm completely out of the Planet Side 2 loop I think picking a server and a "race" that we could start playing this very interesting shooter, and finally get back in to a game where the name EHJ is feared and yet still loved by many.
  11. Potpourri and Smoking it

    dude its synthetic weed made in a lab and it will also be illegal in here in the states. Plus i have heard of some nasty side effects people get from this stuff. We need to just legalize normal pot and get it over with.
  12. Where's Slubba?

    I'm here I just work and go to school and have very little time to game.
  13. Randumb Funny Internet Stuff Thread

    This song makes me want to do bad thingshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSbBvKaM6sk
  14. Randumb Funny Internet Stuff Thread

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2oymHHyV1M&feature=player_embedded OW
  15. Dark Souls

    LoL I can't wait till my girlfriend sees me playing Demon souls / Dark souls cause shes going to totally get in to it.