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  1. 2012 Election

    geez....haven't been on here in forever and I randomly dropped by and read the political thread. and...I found myself agreeing with almost everything disco wrote. I read several pages hoping I'd find something I disagreed with and I couldn't.... I think I hurt a little inside now.... Anyways-I'm really hoping the country can move forward and work together (now that they don't have silly goals like "Make Obama a one term president" to worry about). I also found the short discussion on political spectrums interesting, I'd really like to see some non-crazy politicians in the running next election (unlike the Republican primaries this year that were like a clown show on stupidity), so we can move past these "hot" topics that are basically no brainers like womens healthcare, RAPE, gay marriage, etc. I've read a few places where they bring up the concept that Obama is one of the best moderate Republican candidates we've ever had (fiscally conservative, socially moderate, and put into effect a healthcare system that Republican thinktanks invented instead of pushing through single-payer). The question then was "Why wasn't he a Republican candidate? What has gone so wrong in the Republican Party that their winning candidate wasn't actually theirs?" and "When are we going to get an actual liberal candidate?" or even a normal liberal party? Because we didn't have a liberal candidate, we had a bunch of crazy people v. Obama, and Obama is very similar to some pre-Reagan Republicans like Eisenhower.
  2. This is all incredibly true and depressing....I would love to have a real competitive race with intelligent discourse at the debates. I know our politics are all dog and pony show anyways, but can at least the dog and pony show be presented for an adult audience??? Seriously-the issues in the spotlight right now are so inanely absurd. I still think Santorum trolls the internet every night to try to come up with the most offensive and ridiculous comments to insert into his speeches the next day.
  3. Do you think he believes what he says? Or do you think he's like a political troll that very few people are gullible enough to believe? I think he's GOT to be just a troll and spends his spare time finding the absolute most absurd things to say, and just saying them for shits and giggles and enjoying the crazed reactions he gets out of people. I think I have to believe this because I still have a somewhat optimistic view of the human race...and I just can't believe that ANYONE could possibly believe the stuff that he says....even him...... The GOP primaries are making me feel much better about my previously tentative vote for Obama this year.
  4. Still looking for the G-spot

    well, I don't believe its related to physical fitness. In the last ten years I've fluctuated weight +/- 30-40 lbs and gone from being able to run 3 miles in 27 min to being lucky if I could walk three miles in an hour during certain points of overweightness+pregnancy. And it has absolutely no bearing on existence or sensitivity of G-spot. I'm pretty sure if you have one, you have one and have had it since at least sexual maturity-regardless of your physical fitness. Possibly different anatomies have slightly different positioning of the stimuli from different components. Their explanation makes sense about the convergence of sensation from the three separate components being stimulated at once. Seemed logical from my own experience anyways! And if they don't converge the same for everyone, then there might not be any particular "spot" that stimulates all three at the same time for some women. Sucks for them I suppose! And yes, the comments were hilarious!
  5. Fun in lab

    This is why I stay away from biological-ish stuff altogether. If I kill myself in lab it'll be from inhaling too much solvent, catching myself on fire or exposure to heavy metals. good luck with that. Always good to have a few horror stories to frighten freshmen (or other grad students) with in the future!
  6. 9/11 coloring book

    I saw this article today on MSN and I was surprised! Controversy over a coloring book! http://moms.today.com/_news/2011/09/01/7546425-9-11-coloring-book-draws-controversy So we're now going to teach our children history through a coloring book. I'd like to add that we should go ahead and get a D-Day coloring book, complete with scenes of all the dead bodies and body parts blown apart on the beach. If its only anti-muslim theme we're looking at however, we should probably add a hanging scene or two in so we can educate our children about what happens to bad Muslim dictators. If its just a generic history coloring book though, why not create Slavery coloring books and include the whips, and tearing babies out of mothers arms sort of scenes? Is there already a Trail of Tears coloring book out there? The question posed in the article is "How will tell your children about 9/11 ?" and "Is a coloring book a good way to teach them about this?" My answer is "I'll talk to them about it when the topic comes up" and "I expect they'll learn about it in their history books, just like other historical events are recorded in history books, and I'll talk to them about it then too!" I don't mean to be insensitive to 9/11 and it IS the 10 year anniversary coming up this year, but its still just another historical event like Pearl Harbor. I don't think we need to have a special ceremony with our children and give them a violent coloring page on the episode to teach them about it when they're 7 years old. I plan on teaching my kids about the holocaust, Pearl Harbor, slavery, etc. throughout their lives. And they may even get subjected to history channel documentaries as my husband and I both enjoy watching them, but I do NOT plan on giving my kids a coloring page on ANY of those topics! I'd consider this coloring book a few things: -not age appropriate educational material for the age that children usually enjoy coloring -child focused anti-muslim propaganda -disrespectful! (when I die, I don't want my grandchildren handed a coloring page about my death! "Here, practice coloring in the lines with this picture of Grandmom dying in the hospital!")
  7. Women

    Have you seen "He's just not that into you" ??? Excellent movie and it explains a lot of our cultural misconceptions that women are raised with. I completely agree with what they explain at the beginning of the movie. Women are taught that if men behave like assholes, it means they like you! If you get pushed on the playground, if you get your ponytail pulled on, if they call you names, they obviously think you're pretty. We TRAIN little girls to think this way. It goes against all logic. Hollywood teaches us that if a man is a complete jerk (heck, if he wants to drink your blood, put your life in danger, etc.) this is the kind of guy who will offer you the romance that you need in your life. Heck, the fact that we NEED romance is another misconception Hollywood teaches us. Altogether, I'm really disgusted by our culture teaching us that immaturity is sexy. Its not. Its disgusting. A guy tried to hit on me a few months ago and started to tell me how good he was with his nieces and nephews, how he's just "a big kid" at heart. I was completely turned off by this now at my age. Maybe I thought that was cute what I was 19, but no chance in hell I'd hook up with a guy at my age who describes himself to me as "just a big kid". I'm not interested in a big kid. I'm interested in a responsible man, who can do his job, is reliable, is respectful, intelligent, knows how to have fun and can have fun with me, and can share the workload and responsibility of life. But I'm also 27 years old now. I don't mind goofing off or playfully flirting at work with the dumbass immature blokes I run across, but I'm not interested in taking care of another child the rest of my life. I think this is something women find out in time though. Our culture doesn't teach us this. Hollywood doesn't teach us this. We're taught to take on "project men", we're taught to take on someone who "we can take care of" or "who can't live without us" or "womanizing men" because "They'll change their ways when they meet YOU and REALLY fall in love"!! This is what we're taught! And its absurd! Because fact is: If he was a womanizer before you, he'll probably still be a womanizer after he meets you too. You don't have magical powers. You can't change a man. You can't FIX another adult. If you really want to take care of a helpless idiot the rest of your life, adopt a dog. Because at least you can drop it off at a shelter when you get tired of later. Its MUCH harder to get rid of a loser husband/boyfriend. Fact is you can't change a person, but women are taught that we should be able to if we really love someone, really try, or nag enough. But you can't. Adults only change when they want to change. I'm thoroughly disgusted with movies like: Twilight Bounty Hunter Transformers (this last movie, the kid just thoroughly disgusted me. And what kind of message are we sending to our young people? The more immature, jealous, insecure and loser-like you become the hotter your women will be who will put up with your childish stupid behavior? The only thing worth watching the movie for was the cool robots, LOVED Optimus Prime, but I wish they'd just get rid of the idiot kid) Even our Disney cartoons, what does Beauty and the Beast teach our little girls??? Seriously? You should fall in love, like Stockholme Syndrome-galore, with someone who keeps you prisoner and throws violent temper tantrums and acts like an overgrown 3 yr old? I could go on but I'll stop ranting now. I think our culture raises women with very skewed ideas and teaches us to be codependent caretakers. I think we're raised to be attracted to losers, and raised to overlook responsible mature men and mark them off as "boring". Heck, I was just watching a Star Trek Enterprise episode the other night, where they have the engineer guy treat this foreign princess very poorly and then they start physically fighting and then proceed to have sex afterwards. Nice one. Domestic Violence = passionate sex ??? Way to go. Maybe my daughter too will be fortunate enough to meet a sexy southern engineer who will fistfight with her and then have sex with her. Thats EXACTLY what I want for her future.
  8. Michelle Bachmann, Serial Killer

    Also, as far as Mexicans, I think one problem is GETTING them to vote? The legal Mexican immigrants don't have a good percentage that participate? At least that was the case back when I hung around them 8 years ago. I think it may have started to change and more of them are turning up to the polls with the border policies getting modified and enhanced though?
  9. Michelle Bachmann, Serial Killer

    disco, you're lumping way too many together. Protestants is too broad of a term anywayz to clump them all together. Also, while it use to be true the Catholics were pretty much solidly democrat, I don't believe they are so anymore-remember they're also pro-life? Here's an article that shows some trends comparing Kerry's percentage of the religious votes to Obama's percentage of religious votes: http://pewresearch.org/pubs/1697/exit-poll-election-support-among-religious-groups figure:
  10. Travian Forum

    LINC! You still exist! I'm so happy! sadly I'm not playing anything but shakes and fidgets til I graduate. Must. graduate. this. year.
  11. Miscarriage = Murder

    my husband ran a shuttle for his work for a year or so, and they'd sometimes shuttle people to the children's hospital from the Ronald McDonald home. He complained about this set of parents who were coming in and out regularly for several months for their small baby who was constantly fighting pneumonia and was regularly getting re-hospitalized in the childrens ICU at our local children's hospital. The entire time they were in the shuttle they chainsmoked. It was just a "/facepalm" incident that was sad because the one suffering the most was their small baby and they never seemed to be able to put 2 and 2 together. According to this standard though, if their child died of pneumonia they could be charged with murder? I've never heard of this before, but it almost makes sense, although this couple's child was already born. If it applies to the unborn, shouldn't it be applied to the already-born? I've heard of negligence post-birth being charged with murder, but if smoking/doing drugs counts-this couple should also be charged with a crime. Instead of all this crazy-vague line making random enforcing-- I think we should just invent a method to prevent pregnancy in ALL people, and then force them to pass some sort of test before reversing the procedure and allowing them to get pregnant. That would solve these sort of issues. And also lower the number of children in foster care!
  12. I followed a few articles on the story myself because of the chemical evidence they used was sorta "new" for the court system. I heard a talk given by a forensic-chemist guy once who had to present evidence at trial and I was stunned by all the "official court rules" they had to follow when presenting evidence. I think it might bother people in the science world more because....we don't usually have to walk away from logic to follow the court rules/specific laws. While the court rules/laws etc are put in place for a reason at some point in time, sometimes (or a lot of time) they get in the way of common sense. I understood it a little better when I was studying for the LSAT, but it still seems absurd to me. /end armchair philosophy on little sleep Its annoying. and horrible....all at the same time. I hate the parents murdering children stories. My mom does foster care and has a two year old right now who was taken by the state because she got thrown down a flight of stairs for messing in her pants after being forced to sit on a potty chair for an hour. Fortunately the mom was dumb enough to drop her off at daycare the next day covered in bruises so someone saved the child. But not all children are "so lucky". (as if you can call the little 2 year old lucky? but at least someone noticed and cared in time) The person who threw her (mom's boyfriend) fled the state and so essentially "got away with it" and the mother is now in parenting classes trying to get custody back.
  13. Michelle Bachmann, Serial Killer

    I don't really care if the Republicans have a serial killer run against Obama, I'd just prefer they find another one that doesn't irrationally hate the EPA.
  14. Wal-Mart Discriminates Against Women?

    this. WalMart already had a bad reputation as a bad employer. I've been going out of my way the last 5-6 years to not shop there, but this only solidifies my dislike for them.
  15. This is exactly what I'm trying to say. I grew up in a very conservative Christian Education atmosphere, and they always pointed out exactly how the Evolution that WAS taught in public schools was wrong for x, y and z reasons and how modern science completely refutes this "theory". Well, yeah, because whats being taught IS BS in todays day in age. BUT the modern evolutionary models ARE NOT complete BS. While, I'm not recommending that we subject every single 14 yr old to college level evolution courses, what I do recommend, is that THE LATEST models be presented in some sort of dumbed down form. Don't give the history lesson unless its presented AS a history lesson. but I guess this is a gripe with the education system as a whole. How many high school grads (and non-science college grads) still think the atom looks like this: