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  1. GOP 2011: Death Match

    Pretty much every business in existence operates under this framework. I'm having a WTF moment.
  2. GOP 2011: Death Match

    Fox news debate for those that missed it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQr9sTBC7ck
  3. BHO's re-election chances

    American politics: We hate him because he's not liberal enough!!!! We hate him because he's too liberal!!!!!!!!!!! How the fuck can anyone win in that sort of environment. ps. End to DADT fuck yeah!
  4. BHO's re-election chances

    The US economy has pretty much been in the tank since the New Deal.
  5. BHO's re-election chances

    Didn't FDR and Reagan still have pretty shitty economies going into their second term? Too lazy to fact check.
  6. GOP 2011: Death Match

    Haha, nice Cat. Thanks a heap for the writeup =) So who do you think came out of it well? Seems like Bachman let her last chance slip.
  7. BHO's re-election chances

    I think it's gonna be close as fuck, and if Obama wins then that's when shit is going to get crazy. Similar to when Bush won his second term, but magnified. Republicans won't need to win by voting for a candidate, they'll just need to against Obama. I predict a smaller turnout for Obama than the last election and a bigger turnout for the GOP.
  8. GOP 2011: Death Match

    It's depressing when a Mormon is the least insane person out of the remaining viable candidates. Can someone live blog this one up? I can't stay awake for it and I want to hear opinions from you guys!
  9. 9/11 coloring book

    I'm more interested in the Condi Rice fanfic that Gadaffi was working on. But I also agree with Nate.
  10. GOP 2011: Death Match

    Looking forward to seeing Perry.
  11. Call of Gods

    They sabotaged their servers and then gave everyone crack by way of apology and now everyone is hooked, brilliant!
  12. GOP 2011: Death Match

    Bachmann 4823 - 28.5% Paul 4671 - 27.6% Pawlenty 2293 - 13.6% Santorum 1657 - 9.8% Cain 1456 - 8.6% Perry 718 - 4.7% Romney 567 - 3.4% Gingrich 385 - 2.3% Huntsman 69 - 0.4% McCotter 35 - 0.2% I don't know whether to be happy or sad. Happy because I think Obama could beat her, or sad because to me she symbolises the worst excesses of the Republican party.
  13. GOP 2011: Death Match

    Haha, turns out the poem that I mentioned Cain using as his closing statement was from a song written for the Pokemon movie. He trollin
  14. GOP 2011: Death Match

    I want to believe that he's the only candidate who could beat Obama, but I just don't see how he's going to get past the social conservatives.