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  1. Reign of Kings private server

    I have access to a private passworded Reign of Kings server if anyone is interested in playing this game. 20 bucks on steam, still in alpha, but a very guild/team focus medieval survival castle builder. Siege mechanics and such already in game. http://steamcommunity.com/app/344760 http://steamcommunity.com/groups/IsleOfCarage Join the steam group above, and read the rules of the server. Please contact me on steam before joining the server so I can get you added to the group. Here is the server information. If you are playing Reign of Kings and would like to play on a more private server, please consider our new COHH Fan Run server "Isle of Carnage", here are the rules: Rules of Play 1. Must use seige equipment or weapons to raid a base. 2. No air blocking and jumping down in. Air blocking or cheesing is building blocks just outside the property line, or using blocks to get around defenses. All defenses can be broken. We have tested and there is not a wall or gate that cannot be taken down over time. 3. No looting chests from outside the wall. 4. Do not give out the PW. Breaking this rule will result in a ban. The server will only be wiped if a the game makers do it or the server population wants it. Note - If a airbase is built without stairs or way to enter, may lead to wide scale destruction of the base. The only way to enter such a base is to use the Treb, till the crest is found and then destroyed. The the raider then may build to reach any area of the base. Adding entrance may keep base from being demolished and only raided for loot. No guarantees but may save a complete loss. If you are interested please contact DJBullitz on Steam or myself drackooner on Steam ashe has given the okay for us to give out password, and join our steam group. We have ALOT loss griefing and more fair play on this server. UPDATE - Server is open to anyone for a bit. PW is Start2015
  2. Elder Scrolls Online

    My ingame name is Drackooner and my forum account is Drackooner_ESO feel free to look me up! Who is participating in this weekends beta?? I would like to experience the group dungeons and guild functionality. Are we going to make an Einherjar or Ituron Cavalry Guild? Do we have one already in beta, if so please let me know. I tried creating Einherjar and it said it was in use already, so if that is not us, maybe we can find out who is using the tag and work on incorporating our player base into their guild and possible bring some fresh blood to our wonderful community!! edit* I also plan to do a live stream on my adventures this weekend too.
  3. Heart of the Swarm

    Playing campaign, Unranked ladder, The new AI ladder vs comp., Marine Arena 2. I haven't touched ranked ladder yet, but last season I was in gold league. I'll be on tonight most the night.
  4. sooooo sg anyone?

    Hey hey buddah. Drackooner account was banned a while back never checked to see if they unbanned it. Duhpaintjr got ahold of my account zzz. Anyways I am active in SC2 and SWTOR. I also run a ps3 MW3 clan. I wish EHJ was still super active in gaming, but most of us all grown up now i guess. I miss guild meetups!
  5. I got interviewed for SC2

    And I am not looking to be competitive. SC2 was meant to be played for fun, not to be taken serious. I do not have the time IRL to do practices and watch tons of replays, though I am getting closer to gold, was rank 3 a few days ago in my silver league and I have been taking down some gold players.
  6. zerg strategy

    nice tactic.
  7. Shattered Galaxy?

    wow really? My pr13 is floating around in the abyss of SG somewhere. do I dare download the client? hmmm my signature is out of date./...
  8. SC2 Tournament for us lowbies

    man I am going to fuck all your faces so hard! All I have to do to win is press aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and build two eng bays. rofl!
  9. SC2 Tournament for us lowbies

    okies or just put me in for the next 2. 10 so cheap I no worried.
  10. hey guys

    Drackooner 990, hit me up
  11. SC2 Tournament for us lowbies

    playing terran instead since zerg is broke still
  12. SC2 Tournament for us lowbies

    i sent you monies. k thnxs
  13. Motherboards

    can you recommend me 1 other board you like or is this one pretty rock solid?
  14. Motherboards

    1000 is my budget yes
  15. Motherboards

    Need something for gaming (Best quality settings) Expandable (so it lasts me 5+ years) quality (dont want it to blow up after a year or less) price HD video Bluerays and Blue recordable drives DVD and DVD burner drives and anything else I missed!