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  1. Our tax system in a nutshell

    The problem isn't me, it's you and your shitty retarded little friends who suck each other's little dicks like pitiful little animals. You are just trying to save face at this point. Go fuck yourself.
  2. Our tax system in a nutshell

    You're the biggest scrub I ever talked to carny. Go suck some more cock. Hope you die a miserable death.
  3. Our tax system in a nutshell

    lol fucking cocksuckers, all of you. Except disco and envy who can actually be considered people. And ache, the most elitist asshole in sg thinks his time matters, soooo cute.
  4. Our tax system in a nutshell

    I agree, a few bad greedy people can fuck over a lot of people, if not the whole world. I hope a lot of those rich assholes you are talking about learned their lesson and won't fuck the system that generates their wealth. Keep in mind, the wealthiest also have the most to lose, and therefore the most fragile part of our society. They also have the biggest interest in seeing the economy succeed. It's poor people who have no wealth and want to attain the wealth as fast as possible that do the most damage. (I.e. power hungry Hitler fucking over Germany. Bolsheviks destroying Russia's upper class, culture, talent, and wealth.)
  5. Our tax system in a nutshell

    Sorry, I don't deal with douche bags therefore I don't know what you are talking about. The last guy who hired me and disrespected me, I just basically walked out. I hope he got someone shitty to replace me. But I'm sure even he had a good side. For example he was fair and paid what he owned me, so he wasn't completely full of shit. He had a nice daughter who was very polite and respectful with me. And I certainly hope you or anyone else doesn't deal with that kind of bullshit. I fail to see why anyone would deal with a douchebag unless he is least somewhat credible with redeeming qualities. People who screw people over will eventually be isolated and have no one. Believe it or not, rumors spread like wildfire. This is especially true for poor and middle class people. Basically, scumbags roll with scumbags, and they are usually poor, and sure, sometimes rich as well.
  6. Our tax system in a nutshell

    Really? Cause that's what I think it's about, people equating wealth with personal character. And the typical attitude is that rich people are evil. However, I think the opposite is usually true, which is why I made the arguments I did, but overall I agree that it's retarded to equate wealth with character. Which is again... Why I made the arguments I did. Thank you for finally agreeing with me on something. (I also understand your pov that rich people should pay more because they have more, and they probably should, but lets not call it "fair") And I'm sorry you feel that way Carny. You don't need to reply to this thread and talk to a full fledged retard like me. Did you have a shitty life or something? Bad parents? GreenCheat: I sent a job to Ukraine in September. I plan to send another one in the coming week. It was to my friend in Ukraine who does back end web development. I don't see anything wrong with sending jobs over seas, sorry. Some qualified people in Ukraine such as my Aunt work for 14 dollars a days. I paid him 650 for his work. In America I'd have to pay someone 10,000. 20-30k if I wanted someone talented. It's not even a choice, it's common sense. Why would anyone pay some lazy ass Americans who doesn't know shit? And Americans who do know something and provide quality work cost an arm and a leg. You don't know what you are talking about.
  7. Our tax system in a nutshell

    Yeah, but can we get a comparison? What % of people commit crimes in each socio economic class, how often? What you say is true, but to what degree? I also mentioned strict regulations in my other post. If by retard, you mean "You don't agree with me" than gj. You really owned me.
  8. Our tax system in a nutshell

    You're an idiot. Hitler. He ran a government, we shouldn't have governments. Also Bernie Madoff was like a record breaking ponzi scheme. He is one person out of millions of millionaires. Face it, you are biased. But hey, you can go ahead and live in the ghetto and enjoy your aids and robberies. I'll live in a decent middle class neighborhood, thank you very much.
  9. Our tax system in a nutshell

    Ache, are you willing to work with douche bags and disrespectful assholes? I doubt it. So what makes you think anyone else would? I just fail to see how everyone attributes wealth to wrongdoing. It's not evil to ask for money when you provide a high quality service or give people a well made product. So why is it hard to believe a lot of people made money they deserve? What Apple does is evil, they make a shitty product, give shitty service, and charge up the ass. Fuck them. I'd never buy Apple, although my Mother would. (She has ><) "Reaming and shafting" implies that someone was wrongfully conned or scammed. We have legal protection against that. The only people that ever robbed me are the people with nothing to lose, aka poor people from the ghettos. I never got "reamed or shafted" by people with money because they have no reason to ruin their reputation for a little bit of cash. If I do deal with a poor person, (and lets face it, almost everyone starts poor, myself included, I'm still poor) it's because the poor person has an education or goes to college or has some sort of redeeming qualities that benefit society. Those are also probably the people rich people and employers want to deal with. Someone who is cultured and well mannered. The polar opposite of what most people who end up poor ARE. So only when a poor person "reams and shafts" to become rich to skip socio-economic classes does the situation you described occur. Most people get rich by building a solid family that helps each other out in hard times and the wealth grows SLOWLY over TIME. SLOWLY, WEALTH GROWS SLOWLY. (In most cases) Except that doesn't happen anymore because our heavily indebted government is destroying the value of the dollar at a pretty fast rate to ease the debt. Most investors are lucky to break even with inflation. In my view people who are douche bags will never have the capacity to become rich because they won't be able to make the right friends and connections. To become rich you need to be good at working with others and providing a productive service or at least something of substance. This American myth that you can make something out of nothing is bullshit. How many idiots do you guys think exist for rich people to take advantage off? I haven't met one yet. And to be fair, a lot of you guys are part of the problem, by voting for larger government you solidify entrenched interests by giving them more money and legitimacy. Large companies will simply lobby for government favors like insane tax breaks and succeed only through shear size while rotting on the inside. (GM, BoA, Lehman, Enron, Goldman, etc) Both Republicans and Democrats are terrible in this respect. What we should have is a bunch of smaller companies competing, led by CEOs who care. Government needs to strictly regulate markets, NOT RUN THEM. So where is the regulation? Why is all the money being dumped into secret spying agencies that subvert the work of our whistleblowers??? And wtf happened to anti-trust laws? We have fucking Microsoft and shitty Apple owning our entire OS market. Seriously? 2 companies is enough? Maybe that law is a little out dated? Don't get me started on Comcast and the shitty internet I have to deal with while Hong Kong pays their 26 dollars a month for a gigabyte a second service. OH RIGHT, google OFFERED that same service only people in my area are too fucking dumb to know what the internet is or that google WAS OFFERING FREE INTERNET ALONGSIDE THE PAID GIGABYTE SERVICE. Like holy shit, what could better than free internet? Paying for shitty internet apparently... I live in the state of NJ, welcome to retard central, and we're supposed to be one of the wealthier states/more intelligent states too *sigh* This is the shit I have to deal with on a regular basis and then I have to choose between the DEMS and the REPS. Can our choice get any shittier? Obama barely does anything, which is probably a good thing, and I couldn't even understand why Romney was running, it was clearly for the donor money or something. tl;dr - I don't understand why anyone would vote Dem or Rep. EVER.
  10. Our tax system in a nutshell

    I sure doubt it. In my experience poor people have been stingier than wealthier individuals. I'm sure a lot of poor people tell you they'd be generous if they were richer, that's bullshit. Generous people are generous regardless of wealth.
  11. Give me your anime suggestions!!

    Don't watch mirai nikki, I'd rather shoot myself than repeat that experience. It could have been great, but ended up so bad you'll question if the anyone who worked on this project tried.
  12. Our tax system in a nutshell

    Look at this dumb bitch, our FED inspector General: lol, honestly, why does she have a job? Someone explain why she is allowed to do what she does.
  13. Our tax system in a nutshell

    I don't think anyone is against the social safety net Disco. I think people are against a large federal government because it is hard to control, it lacks accountability, and lacks adaptability. People are against a lot of the things the large bloated government has been doing - like the patriot act, ndaa, war on drugs, war on terror. These are all big government problems... These initiatives exist because our government needs an excuse to take more money, so they scare us. I'm sorry for being against taxes when I see the government doing all this stupid shit. It's pissing my money out the window on Afghanistan, a place where 90% of the people don't know about 9/11. And fuck poor people, they are also always just an excuse government uses to attain more money. Maybe after we aren't involved in several simultaneous wars we'd be able to help poor people and the left can actually make arguments that aren't bullshit. I don't vote ideology, I vote reality. You should stop being a pompous asshole and do the same. Because right now, you can say all these nice things, but you have no credibility because all these taxes we pay are being used to kill and arrest thousands of people... The Democrats and Republicans alike don't care about this problem. I'm not the retarded insane one disco, you are, and so it anyone else who supports a Democrat or a Republican.
  14. Our tax system in a nutshell

    Middle East is also a pretty good example. Poor people suicide bombing for a cause, etc.
  15. Our tax system in a nutshell

    What do you mean?