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  1. Weekend SG

    Would love to do this, I assume people are having the same problem I am (not remembering what the tits their password was a decade+ ago?) - checking to see if i can find an old password list or something
  2. Its been a long time

  3. Battlefield 4 - PS4

    Any of you sex kittens play BF4 on the ps4? Thanks to the complete dearth of games on the system I have been playing the shit out of it and would like friends. I'm quite average and prefer Op-Locker on Conquest - big numbers, no flyin shit, relatively close quarters. With my dating profile out of the way, come join me. Made a "platoon" called "The Einherjar" [EHJ]. Not sure if thats how I'm supposed to do it but search that shit or friend me so I can add you. If someone already made one then I'll delete it. My name on the PS4 is FearINILoathing. Two lower case "L"s around the N (i think). My origin ID is targsxc, if we need that. This link may work: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/platoons/view/5598574760597807639/
  4. EHJ Fantasy Football League 2013

    Gettin amped up!
  5. Rust

    Just picked it up, saw that 4 or 5 others had it - gonna give it a run now.
  6. EHJ Fantasy Football League 2013

    Alright Awesome
  7. Ingame names

    ironslasher - 596
  8. Soooo I'm going to DC in August

    In the absence of actual memory, i'll blame MZ for telling me two days before it was supposed to happen.
  9. Soooo I'm going to DC in August

    I live in DC now, have almost the entire month of august off, and the ladyfriend will be in punta cana. Sounds like perfect timing.
  10. EHJ Fantasy Football League 2012

    If people are interested in doing this again and there is space, I'd do a non-keeper league with you fools as well.
  11. EHJ Fantasy Baseball 2011!!!!!!!!

    If there is space next year, I'd be interested in doing this - playing in two leagues now for the first time, and enjoying it so far. Matt Kemp can suckit though. For being my 1st pick on both teams.
  12. EHJ DYNASTY Fantasy Football League

    While I'm bored and at work I figured I'd get this kick started - I'm assuming everyone is still in from last year? The primary issues we've discussed but haven't officially addressed: 1. No Snake Drafts - NFL style draft order 2. IDP - adding two IDP slots next draft, keeps the draft interesting. 3. Flex spot - rather than the third WR; people were split on this, i would strongly advocate for it, particularly given our bench sizes.
  13. EHJ "Dynasty" Fantasy Football?

    Can we get a volunteer to take over disco's team? Team is actually pretty good both now and down the road: QB: Drew Brees RB: Doug Martin, B. Wells, S.Greene, R.Mendenhall WR: Julio Jones, H.Nicks, M.Floyd, Ogletree, TE: Witten, Pitta, Finley K: Gould D/St: Pittsburgh
  14. EHJ DYNASTY Fantasy Football League

    My fully automated draft (minus round 28) will poc all over you motherfuckers.