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  1. Weekend SG

    I remembered my password, so not totally senile yet I guess. For the units and char stats I don't remember what I was doing though. Sadly it seemed I was too late to the party. So have to try again later...
  2. Weekend SG

    I'm thinking of password, could take a while though.....
  3. Late to the Party

    I'm randomly playing WoT on EU servers. Keyword randomly.
  4. Dreadnought!!!

    Is this moving to open beta now?
  5. EHJ Steam User ID List

    http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197998098405 terjered
  6. Anyone still playing?

    I'm playing, but on the EU servers. :/
  7. Server

    Well, that sucks. I'm on EU. :/
  8. Server

    Gonna try this out, because my brother and some of his friends are playing. But I guess NA/EU servers are divided and you all are playing on the NA?
  9. Saaad

    New ships, some new mechanics, still a fun game. But of course mostly if you don't care about losing ships and take fights with some serious disadvantages. I haven't found a new game that appeals to me, so I started playing again about a month or so ago....
  10. ScubaFit Infringement

    Ok. WHY? I say WHY, haven't I've seen this before??? That's hilarious.
  11. Survival Evaluation Time

    A guitar amplifier...