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  1. Eve

    Wait you played air rivals? What name? I had lvl 86 gears on both factions.
  2. Eve

    Holy crap you still play eve psyduck? You let me play on your account a bit ages ago (Unless I'm getting mixed up with names), and I've been playing on and off ever since.
  3. History of IC/Einherjar?

    I've been part of several communities for 10+ years, and the same thing always happens, where people get old/bored of gaming and quit. I still love gaming, but really just don't have time to play anymore. And I'm not even married yet (But engaged). With my crazy schedule I usually get done with work at around 8:00PM, and have to get back to work at 6:00AM.
  4. Metal gear solid 5

    If you haven't been following Metal gear solid 5, this game's A+ with a fantastic multiplayer element as well (Like Metal gear online). This is going to be a massive fantastic game, even above the hype being generated. I know 2 people involved with it and managed to get a peek. If you liked Metal gear peacewalker (Which was amazing) and metal gear 4 (Which was amazing), this is probably going to be a great game for you. That being said it's the first game I've pre-ordered in probably 9 years. Also hi guys. *EDIT* Also I just realized how out of context my signature reads now that ISIS is around. Those guys are Islamic as hell.
  5. Archeage

    They're fixing that shortly. Just make a basic bot. I stand near a vendor, talk to it, then try to do an emote while the window is open. No one suspects me of being a bot.
  6. Archeage

    Ok. I'll afk in there. My name's conquestor
  7. Archeage

    Ok. What ts/vent info? We're on ponytime.us:9987. I'll meet up with them and discuss a non-aggression pact
  8. Archeage

    Good stuff. We're going to be named "The Libertarian Loot Crew", or, if it fits, "The Libertarian Loot Crew of Ron Paul and the Levant". I'm assuming you guys are going with Vamp?
  9. Archeage

    Looks like we'll be on kyrios. What about you guys?
  10. Archeage

    You guys are welcome to play with us (We played with you during the Albion alpha). If you're interested, just let me know. We've got spies in some guild leadership spots, and are going to funnel resources/members from other guilds to ours.
  11. WWIII

    Russia's power won't crumble, even if we have to prop it up. Why? Easy, we have suitcase nukes around Russia, and they have suitcase nukes around the USA. Any drastic power shift would be exceptionally risky.
  12. WWIII

    Pretty much what Disco said. Russia's been trying to go away from the dollar though. http://www.bbc.com/news/business-28317555 Not that it really matters. If push comes to shove, we can completely obliterate Russia's markets by investing in energy infrastructure and exporting power to their markets.
  13. Steam Summer Sales General

    Not sure if you guys missed it, but the Agarest series was on a good sale. DON'T get the dlc for these games though. Seriously. All it does is give you starting items/gold/xp that you can't disable, making them easy. Parkan 2 Carribean! Kenshi is amazing (Always has been). and right now it's 1/2 the cost of the final price, with an additional 10% off for the summer sale Mount&Blade collection if you don't have it. Chantellise a tale of two sisters is great.
  14. Bowe Bergdahl, anyone want to talk about this?

    Obama ran on the premise of getting the fuck out of Iraq/AFG. And now he's doing it. It's the will of the people AKA democracy in action.
  15. Bowe Bergdahl, anyone want to talk about this?

    I know, we can give them civilian trials to see if they're actually guilty of anything before locking them up for a decade. Heh, just kidding.