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    Jewelry design, gaming, mineralogy, herpetology, being the crazy old lady with a crazy new hair color every week...because I can totally do that now that I'm a broke artist and not sitting in a stuffy accounting office actually making decent money anymore, and sitting on my tired lazy ass missing the "good old days" apparently. Or at least for today.

About Me

I was an active member of the WoW division for a year or so.  Even though we were required to register on the forums, those of us that hadn't played in other games with the core group were sort of treated like outcasts so I never got to know anyone outside of WoW.  I remember Creslin showing up in WoW about six months after joining and some of the guild being super excited to see him and not having a frigging clue who he was.  Eventually I had to transfer servers due to work/time zone issues since Sargeras was East Coast I think and I was in Alaska, otherwise I would have never left.  I came back to visit fairly often on one of my alts I left behind and learned that it didn't really matter anyway because of some blowup between IC and the other guild we raided with. 

I had a great time while I was there though...even though I'm pretty sure Warmaker hated me, Simon was convinced I was a Chinese gold farmer for months because I would pick flowers for hours for our raid pots while watching tv, and be online at what seemed to be strange hours due to the time zones, and the fact that the raid group that I was in (IC noob group) was constantly drunk.  Actually that may have been the best part, other than my fellow pallys one of whom got drunk and may or may not have shit himself and stuffed the evidence in his dads sock drawer, the hilarious reaction the first time I got brave enough to speak on vent and everyone who had assumed I was male for months (I was super vent shy) and talked to me like one of the guys freaked out.  I was perfectly happy being "one of the guys" though and not into the "ooooh I'm a girl in WoW" bs.  Oh and the time I told Blakie off on vent mid-raid and he thought I was really mad at him and started messaging me with a bunch of apologies when all I was really doing was playing around and throwing some of his loudmouth bs back at him during one of our breaks.  

Ok, so that's not about me...but the few people that stop by here don't even know who I am, so that's who I was in the group instead.


Vicki (not to be confused with Victoria who was known by many)