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  1. WoW:Classic

    Hey everybody. I'll be back as well if we're getting the band back together.
  2. I'm Aiming for 1,000!

    Figures she lives in NJ. That just speaks volumes.
  3. I'm Not A Witch

    Ring.... Ring.... Ring.... Ring.... Click, "Hi you've reached God's Answering machine. I'm not in right now as I've taken off the 7th day after creating a whole bunch of crap. Please leave a message and I'll return your call on the 8th day. That should be December 21st, 2012 by your calendar. In the meantime have a nice life." Beep.....
  4. Who's Hot?!

    Sadly she has had her implants removed (No those aren't real). Because they "did their job helping my career".
  5. Who's Hot?!

    Was she the one who is dating a Soccer player during the world cup and blamed a goal on her because she was on the sidelines at the time? Don't remember the whole story but I know it involved a hot Latin sports reporter at the time.
  6. Ingame names

    yea, just noticed that last night. Cenda 895
  7. Ingame names

    In Game Name Cenda. Code unknown yet haven't even finished the single player campaign yet.
  8. Who's Hot?!

    Date stamps don't lie.
  9. Who's Hot?!

    Can you all take the tit argument to another thread please and leave this one alone? okthanksbuhbye
  10. StarCraft II - Misc Game

    Ran across these cheat codes for SC2 Single Player. The last one just kills me being a recovering WOW addict. 1. 5,000 Credits Money Code – Type: whysoserious 2. Invincibility Cheat – Type: terribleterribledamage 3. Zero Resource Cost For Units – Type: moredotsmoredots
  11. Addicting Games.com LOL thought I would edit the spelling in the title but can't.... submit button for the loss. And now I just learned that if you use the FULL editor you can edit the titles.... Fails...again.
  12. See We all new it was good for us!

    I prefer people who stand in the fire than People who move when Flame Wreath is Cast any day.
  13. AP story now making the news sites Violent Games touted as learning tool
  14. ScubaFit Infringement

    Wow I really need to check this site more often I missed the hilarity. Reminds me of the Chevy Chase trademark issue. http://www.chevychase.com/washington.post.article.html While Trademark law has changed with the times somewhat it is an amusing example of over zealous trademark defense. Then again look what Sun did with Java. http://news.cnet.com/2100-1023-215324.html