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  1. Help the strange newb

    I never played WoW but hopefully someone sees this that did. Not sure how many people still lurk still lurk here.
  2. Late to the Party

    What company?
  3. Weekend SG

    I'd be more willing to log on more if kru support would get back to me about logging into my old account.
  4. Weekend SG

    I may have to see if I remember my password and try this out. Sadly weekends are the hardest time for me to be able to log on. Really wish there was some kind of updated SG-like game.
  5. A trip down memory lane

    images dont work because photobucket requires you to pay hundreds of dollars to link your images to other websites now. Oh and good luck getting those images off of photobucket now.
  6. Late to the Party

    Well. To no surprise of anyone I still play. I don't play on EU but rather on NA. I also stream 4 days a week(sometimes more). youtube.com/c/CodyMenz/live
  7. A trip down memory lane

    I'm actually surprised there hasn't been a new game following a format like SG. There was End of Nations that got killed off during the closed alpha stage but I haven't seen anything worthwhile that is PVP like SG was.
  8. Dreadnought!!!

    It is in open beta now. Its pretty fun to play but still has some stuff they need to work out like balancing.
  9. History of IC/Einherjar?

    New Jersey doesn't suck(South NJ at least). I'm located at the southern most tip of NJ though. I will say this thread got a few people it seems to hop back on WoT and/or start playing it. Feel free to hit me up in game if anyone wants in our semi-active but totally not dead EHJ clan Vanaheimr by messaging C_Menz
  10. Invite Code For New Players (World of Tanks)

    Tried but it said you were active, sorry that I didn't see it right away.
  11. Invite Code For New Players (World of Tanks)

    Feel free to send a platoon invite/message if you see me on. I typically am up for platooning unless I am live streaming. But surfat's name in WoT is throatswab_EHJ and DexDarkness also plays
  12. Invite Code For New Players (World of Tanks)

    All I would need is your email address. The platooning works by inviting someone to play the game or reinventing someone who hasn't played for 3 months. Essentially by inviting you we would receielce at first 5x experience playing together. You also receive some credits along the way if you hit certain xp goals. At the end if you stick with the game we both receive a tier 8 premium tank that you can't get otherwise(tier 8 tanks are about $50)
  13. I said that I would get a new player invite code when I was chatting with Surfrats for World of Tanks. This one gives 7 days of premium time, 500 gold, and most importantly a Churchill III heavy tank(tier 5 premium). Code: WOTREDDIT I can also send referrals out for any new or existing accounts that would give bonuses to both sides if we play together. New accounts I would have to send an invite before you make an account while existing players only can accept if you haven't played for 3 months. I'll add more codes for new/existing account as I find them. Even if you aren't planning on playing right away if the reddit one still works the 500 gold and tank are well worth it since typically invite codes give lower tier tanks out.
  14. History of IC/Einherjar?

    I have a solution. Everyone starts to play World of Tanks, joins the clan I have, something, something, EHJ is revived!?!?!
  15. Dreadnought!!!

    I have(had) 5 keys for the closed beta, I gave 2 away already. I decided to pick up a founder package since it seemed like a game I'd enjoy and that my viewers for my live stream would enjoy once it releases.