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  1. Weekend SG

    I've been overexcitedly sharing my experience on Discord but all I have to say is yes!!! The meta is a whole other level of fucked up due to almost all accounts being non-payer, but I played 4 games of SG last saturday I think it was? I was particularly bad but regardless the caliber was pretty solid - you could expect some clutch plays from at least half of the players on both teams. The characters being played are mostly from 6Days, Sakura and LoD, but at this point I assume barely any of them are being played by the original player. It was still a lot of fun. After playing I felt like I would totally pay to renew just to level up a few units. But of course, you can't give your money to KRU that way anymore. Perhaps if we send them an email linked to a payment they could just take our money (and hopefully renew the character too)? Anyways, it's pretty early for people on the West Coast but it's pretty much SG's last breath unless something happens so you should drop by if only to make your peace with it. And get your ass kicked by nameless chinese players who run cloaked EMPers/SC/MW, CobraLord's PR24 parbs or just some guy with momas out at EG.
  2. A trip down memory lane

    You know, looking back I'm positively astounded I didn't turn out to be actually gay. It's such a damn shame I was basically a child when EHJ-SG was around, I probably would've gotten a lot more out of this game had I not been full pants-off retarded all the time. Also, this isn't exactly related, but IC.com also allowed me to reconnect with my brother Cres whom I hadn't talked to for a few years. I googled his name and IC was one of the first results. I made a post here claiming to be his little brother, but he didn't believe me because as he'd remember, I didn't cuss like a sailor. Good times all around. Godspeed, SG. -quebecdude/dudemain/cerealbox/misswhite
  3. History of IC/Einherjar?

    I remember those Obama vs Clinton discussions back then and wonder how much more of a shit clusterfuck they would be now as Clinton vs Trump.
  4. History of IC/Einherjar?

    nyc ehj meet oct 2016 :ph34r: :ph34r: :wub: :wub:
  5. Invite Code For New Players (World of Tanks)

    So we're gonna run 3x Churchill III platoons yes?
  6. Group Chat? Slack

  7. History of IC/Einherjar?

    Einherjar - we came, we saw, we came. Haven't done much actual gaming lately, nothing I can play feels like it's worth the time investment. However, I've been working on my own game for about two months now, it might be of interest to some of you (huge shameless plug follows). If I had to use known games to describe the concept, I'd say it's a cross between Football Manager, Alpha Centauri, Shattered Galaxy and EVE. Progress is slow but steady and I think I should have a working singleplayer demo by summer's end. Teaser trailer : As you can see, the graphical side of things is far from spectacular but as with some of the games that inspired it, it's not the selling point of the game. It's obviously a convenient way to bypass entirely all the drawing and animations which seem like a poor time investment, but it also allows the player's imagination to do most of the work which is great considering where the action is set. As with Football Manager, another key aspect of the game is that you, as a player, don't actually get to do much by yourself as almost all units and heroes are AI-controlled. Your choices come into play when you set the parameters of the units and heroes under your control, the AI takes care of the rest. Sorry to disappoint those who were expecting to arb some poor souls. As with Alpha Centauri, the storyline is set in outer space in dire circumstances. Earth being on the verge of becoming uninhabitable, its denizens focused their efforts on an ambitious project to launch humans in capsules towards planets that could sustain human life. The game starts on this very first planet, where society can be built anew. And as with Shattered Galaxy, the fighting is done by way of heroes who each command a certain amount of units. Since killing each other will certainly bring humanity to extinction, humans would rather sacrifice lesser units rather than fight among themselves. Units gain XP, heroes gain XP, heroes design the way their units are equipped and yada yada. Eventually, the player gets to command other AI-controlled heroes, compensating the lack of actual "click and act" gameplay with a much bigger sense of scale. Politics will also play a much more important part than it did in SG - as in EVE, I'm hoping the world feels like a sandbox where players have incentives to improvise and try to bend the rules. Players might unite under the banner of a faction but how power is shared and applied within that faction should be left entirely to the players. If anyone is curious, so far everything is done through C#. Long live EHJ, df you have 420 posts you're basically done here.
  8. Linux Feedback

    What exactly makes it terrible in your eyes? I don't need a fancy UI, my desktop has always been completely empty and I use the taskbar to launch whatever I have to use. If anything, I'd much prefer having an unspectacular desktop that doesn't hog much too much memory. I'm not entirely opposed to working in a command-line environment either - I'll be learning the Linux jargon anyway. OSX - I'd rather stick with Windows. Windows - Ugh. I'm used to it so it'll always be tolerable, but it still frequently annoys the shit out of me on a regular basis. If I'm unimpressed with whichever distros I end up trying, I'll come back to Windows because it's the default, but I'm hoping that won't happen. ChromeOS - Completely forgot that was a thing. After a bit of looking around, it seems like it might folding into Android next year, Not sure I'd want to invest time on an OS with such a cloudy (!) future and mobile isn't really my thing.
  9. Linux Feedback

    Thanks for the answers, my Steam connection just dropped. I don't know when I'll actually go through with it but I'll let you know how it goes.
  10. Linux Feedback

    Anyone here uses Linux on their personal computer? I'm looking to migrate away from Windows to Linux/Unix. I used to know why Linux was an improvement over Windows especially in the developement/networking industry, but now I'm getting my hands dirty again and slowly unearthing a growing list of reasons to make the switch. Unrelated, Windows has just been going downhill from 7 and shoving touchscreen UIs down my throat doesn't exactly titillate my loyalty factor. Add questionable privacy policies for Windows 10 and a diminished interest in gaming has left me with very few aruments to sticking with Windows - it's mostly just force of habit at this point. So, what distribution are you using? Were there any you tried you wouldn't recommand?
  11. Anyone still playing?

    I've been playing again since the past x5s. Time heals most wounds!
  12. Welcome back everyone

  13. Anyone still playing?

    Carnival event is interesting... 1 day premium for logging in, that's pretty awesome. Might actually end up playing more than 1-2 games per login
  14. Hi All

    holy shit. dudemain here, you basically taught me how to SG. how you been?
  15. Anyone still playing?

    Opinion gonna opinion