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  1. Anyone still playing?

    This is the one game I still reliably play. Wish I had some others to play it with me...
  2. Anyone still playing?

    I am playing this again, for a month at least....motivated to finish off the grind to the Object 268. My Chinese tanks make me sad....I suppose it makes me a better player, but I'd trade some discipline for a few degrees of traverse.
  3. Anyone still playing?

    I'd also play again with some others....it's significantly less fun alone.
  4. Pokemon X & Y

    But they don't make money off the consoles, do they?
  5. Clan Discussion

    Hmm....I've been in Shocked for a bit, and they all seem just fine. I've not played for a couple weeks though. I'll be back soon, but moving is pretty time-consuming. So what's so bad about Volt/Tesla/Shocked? =)
  6. NBA Season 13-14 Thread

    He's writing as a semi-objective, semi-fanatic Pacers fan. In truth the Heat's success will rest a lot on whether or not Wade can play better than last year. He says he will...and if that happens, I'm sorry, but the Heath are clearly the team to beat. If anything, losing Miller and gaining Beasley makes them much younger overall. But we'll see. I grew up rooting for the Charlotte Hornets, so I hate you all.
  7. Swords & Potions 2

    Snewt abandoned us? What did I miss? He already lost interest?!
  8. Swords & Potions 2

    I need the elven flute, the dolphin buckler, and the evoker's robe, sadly. I'll send a message in game. Also...I am still a little bit out, but I'll make a run at the tinkerer if no one else has called it.
  9. Swords & Potions 2

    I'll take the last spot. Paradoxex
  10. Defund Obamacare

    I didn't say the ACA was a silver bullet. But it does improve the current system. There's no reason to let the perfect be the enemy of the good, and I have not heard why the ACA will make everything so much worse from you. The irony in all this is that Republicans and moderate Democrats killed the main provision of the ACA that would have reformed the cost of health care: the public option. Let the government pool all of its insured beneficiaries and then negotiate the cost of health care with providers and big pharma, that's one way to save money. But that died, in large part because pharmaceutical companies and hospitals lobbied really hard. Everyone complains to this day that health insurance is too expensive and that insurance companies are bad administrators only invested in their own bottom lines. So why not let the government bring something to the table to compete? Seems to me the most popular government program in existence may be Medicare, and it is far far more efficiently administered than private health insurance. But that died, because certain interests wanted to protect the status quo. So you are right...the ACA is not perfect. But is it worse? Why? I apologize for all of the vehemence of my prior posts, but this argument tends to go in circles whenever it comes up. So please let me know....why is the ACA such a problem?
  11. Defund Obamacare

    I said you were shilling because you are smarter than the rhetoric you are spewing. You know, because you are a smart guy, that Congress no longer votes based on how they feel...they are primarily cowed to the party line. especially on the Republican side. The leadership decides which way a party votes, with few exceptions. Republicans did have input on the bill, in fact the ACA came originally from a bipartisan effort on the Senate side. Only after Majority Leader McConnell worked to keep opposition solid did no Republican vote for the ACA. To be clear, I didn't say that Republicans voted for the bill. I said they had input. You are not using the term "dishonest" correctly. If you think that Democrats passed their ideal health care bill without concession to conservative elements, then that's fine. But Wikipedia and every other non-propagandist history on the topic denies that the bill was as liberal as intended. As for your last sentence, that's the main problem of people with your mindset. You think you gain brownie points by stating their is a problem without suggesting a solution. How should we fix it? The most coherent Republican plan would pull back billions from states and cover fewer of the most vulnerable under Medicaid. As if those people are not going to just walk into a hospital emergency room and get care anyway. And that care will be more expensive, because there will have been no insurance-funded preventative care beforehand. Then the middle class will get to pay for their more expensive care anyway, because hospitals will pass on the costs to people who can pay. But sure, maybe that's the way to go....at least then the taxes are coming from private enterprise, and not the government. Maybe I've got it all wrong here...please let me know how if so. This is what I do all day ever work day, though....so I don't feel out of my depth here.
  12. Defund Obamacare

    Nate, don't be a shill. Honestly. 1. You can change your mind. The House did that, then tried to repeal it...countless times. They have been unsuccessful, so now they are refusing to pass mundane yet vital bills that are in no way connected to the ACA. There's a different between trying to affect change and obstructing the government simply because you did not get your way. This is the latter. 2. Republicans and the ACA. Despite what you would think, Republicans were consulted on the ACA. The bill changed drastically in the many months it was under debate. As for the election shift, blaming that on the ACA is speculative, but you know that. Again, at the end of the day you are defending a political party that refuses to fund the government work until it gets its way on an issue that is in no way related to funding the government. And by the way, it's a stupid strategy: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/10/05/government-shutdown-blame-poll_n_4045780.html (It's an article about a series of polls, one of them by FoxNews...don't worry)
  13. Defund Obamacare

    No, no, and umm...no. And that's why the ploy will fail.
  14. Defund Obamacare

    They used to say Medicare was unneeded and unwanted too. You can't start a sentence with "Truth is..." when talking about a program that has not been implemented and hope to be taken seriously. The ACA was voted on by representatives that were voted into office. We don't live in a democracy, so any contention that the ACA is not "something the majority of people want" is immaterial. Furthermore, if we only did what the voting majority wanted, we'd likely still have limited suffrage, slavery, and a number of other majority-preferred institutions. Government doesn't only do what you think it does.
  15. Defund Obamacare

    I have not read this entire topic, and I am in Europe at the moment, so I won't now, but in my mind this whole congressional deadlock comes down to a forgotten set of rules: Congress passed the bill in 2010. Many compromises were made to pass the bill, and many concessions were made on both sides. We have had 3 major elections cycles since then, and not one of them have ushered in a Congress willing to repeal the law. Holding up the daily working of the federal government over this now is akin to changing the rules of the same game everyone has been playing since 1789. You vote on bills according to laws. If you want to change the laws, you win elections and then the power of the Congress or White House. This comes off like a kid losing a basketball game, and then demanding that the opponent's shots only count for half as many points as his own. The real tragedy would be if this strategy proves effective, the other side will just adopt it and we're all losers.