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  1. Theme Song?

    Anybody heard this song before? I Wear No Pants by The Poxy Boggards. Seems fitting for our pantsless community. It was also in a Dockers ad during the last Super Bowl. Found it via the Happy Jack RPG Podcast
  2. Android

    So far so good for Froyo.
  3. Android

    If they don't push the update to me by this weekend I'll manually update too.
  4. Q & A Starcraft 2 questions

    I second that sentiment.
  5. Toshiba Laptop

    I have used a 10" netbook before and a 17" screen at work. I picked the 14" over a 15.6" because of the overall size. That tosh at the top has an overall size that matches the 17" screen laptop I've had to lug around for work. Though I don't know the actual weight of the one at work.
  6. Toshiba Laptop

    I iterate a lot before buying/building computers, so going in the opposite direction... How about a Dell Inspiron 14R? I picked the cheapest one that has the dedicated graphics card. It has a Core I3-350M, 4GB RAM, and ATi Mobility Radeon HD5470 64-Bit DDR3 1 GB. It's a 14" screen and overall dimensions are smaller than the Toshiba (which is good). It also has a VGA and HDMI out which I don't see on the Toshiba. I think this one would run SC II fine and it meets the requirements for Dragon Age Origins as well. Thoughts?
  7. Toshiba Laptop

    I'm drawn to this one because of the sale and I've always heard that toshiba makes some of the best laptops out there. RiceJ you're the first person to tell me anything otherwise as to their quality. As for reasoning, I just want a laptop, and I'm not 100% sure what all I want it to do. My pipe-dream is to get a powerhouse of a laptop on sale for around $300-400. However, I'm wary of buying refurbished, very susceptible to talking myself into cheap upgrades and the accidental damage warranties, and I know I want more screen real estate than netbooks offer. Playing Diablo II or SC 1 would be great. If there was a semi-idea of when Diablo 3 was going to come out I would wait until the specs for that come out, and then allocate enough cash to get a laptop to run that. Thanks for the info.
  8. Toshiba Laptop

    Ah, I didn't know it was a netbook proc. I guess that explains the lower price. There is an AMD Athlon™ II Dual Core Processor P320 option as well. Spec sheet says: for the video.
  9. Toshiba Laptop

    Any thoughts on this laptop? I want something portable but I won't be taking this everywhere I go. Just around the house and weekend visits to the family. Also, I still have my desktop for any game playing.
  10. Looking for a new mouse

    10:00 PM CST: Sold Out!
  11. My Pee Wee Team....again

    TE receiver Terry T. Tate
  12. Android or Iphone4

    For me it all comes down to coverage, and in my region that means Verizon and the droid. If AT&T has good coverage in your area and your company gets a discount then go with the IPhone.
  13. My Pee Wee Team....again

    In general, are the football skills worth training at level 1 or character creation? Specifically catching and/or carrying for a receiver TE? I just need speed and some agility correct?
  14. My Pee Wee Team....again

    If it's ok for me to have multiple characters on the same team, I can make a TE receiver. I don't know what else to do with the flex points.
  15. Chicken or Egg

    Dinosaurs came first so their eggs came first, .