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  1. Borderlands 2

    Strange can't seem to add ya : P
  2. Borderlands 2

    Deity how u doing man? What's your steam ID?
  3. Star Citizen

    Soo.. its been a while since I've visited the forum, but are there any thoughts of EHJ forming an org for Star Citizen? I'm probably buying into the game and would be fun to play with you guys again
  4. The Point of Contention Thread

    lol @ my tz math
  5. The Point of Contention Thread

    I'm online now.. but the lobby is empty lol
  6. The Point of Contention Thread

    Yo Cres! been ages! : ) I'll try to get news of this mod to the 6d people as well. I know that they do login to the actual SG client from time to time. Would always be nice to have more folks keep SG alive!
  7. The Point of Contention Thread

    Ahh I finally got the map.. didn't realise it was under the new 'Arcade' mode : P Nobody is online (wow really close recreation of SG hehe), but managed to get a game going with AI to have a look - and its really cool! Nice work on the mod guys : ) must have taken a loooot of time and effort to do this!
  8. The Point of Contention Thread

    Hmm.. so how do I get onto this said custom map now that its in open beta, can't seem to download it from the bliz servers. Also, I'm on Americas region for SC2, should I add anyone or any group chat? I have Deity and I think I defuct 'Ehj' group chat on my list heh.
  9. Kickstarter Silliness

    Nice stuff Ach, your team is about 1/2way there already with some time to go! : )
  10. Best headphones you've ever owned?

    Disco, Sennheiser HD598 open-backed headphones. Very versatile with the following requirements: - As they are not sealed headphones, they work best in a home and quieter environments - While they can run off an iPod/iPhone/Android device, best would be to power them via a standard hifi system If you can fufill the above two conditions, you will very likely be a happy camper. They give fantastic imaging, can be worn for hours w/o fatigue and has detailed bass that works for most types of music genres.
  11. Any guilds to join?

    Currently have characters on Jekk Tarr and Harbinger servers. Just wondering if anyone has got a guild that myself and two other friends can join? Current guild is kinda gone so no one to raid with :/
  12. Ready to take back Earth

    And this video explains exactly how I feel about the game P.s - Contains spoilers so don't click if you haven't finished!
  13. Ready to take back Earth

    Was good all the way until the end, can't believe that I replayed ME2 to set up for ME3 just for this sorta ending... well at least Bioware is going to 'fix' it. In fact, even before I reached the ending, the last hour of the game was really a let down for me. I won't throw spoilers here as I guess some are still playing : x
  14. Question for mac users out there

    Hi Kalm long time no see , I don't think SWTOR will run on your mac min in parallels. Parallels runs a virtual driver for the graphics card that is not supported by SWTOR. I use Parallels to update the game client via OSX, but for the actual game I bootcamp into Win7 Home Premium to play. I'm running on an iMac however so YMMV with the Mac Mini server edition though it should still run fine. OT a bit, I have a couple of characters on The Jekk Tarr and Harbinger servers, if you're on one of them look me up!
  15. New computer. DIY or not?

    Have a look at www.fuwell.com.sg Its a computer shop in Singapore that sells DIY parts to computer enthusiasts. They have some basic builds that you can reference, might help your current research on whether to go new or reuse parts. (Chk out the pdf pricelists - take note prices are in Singapore Dollars) When I used to DIY all my PCs, I would only reuse my graphics card (if it still could play the games I wanted to), PSU, Casing/Fans and DVD drives. I would relegate my older hard drive into a slave where I would install games and other junk.