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  1. Weekend SG

    well it's totally dead again but this was an awesome run for a few months huge thanks for KRU for turning on premium & turning off aliens and for Rice, Wicked, and whoever else for helping make it happen. korean SG is toxic, our evening merc battles were better. josh actually kind of owns, rice is still rly good, xero is a bitch, and I'm out! <3 nvzero
  2. Linux Feedback

  3. Linux Feedback

    You said it man, the point of an OS is pretty much to launch programs and show them to you, so who needs bells and whistles. The issue with Linux DEs is that the whistles are fundamentally broken. Shit breaks all the time, especially things that you take for granted like your sound and display brightness. Windows is the leader by far for standard desktop OS, OSX is probably best if you're doing development. The new Gnome does look amazing aesthetically, but Linux on the desktop has such shit execution that it's a 100% ironic idea to a lot of people
  4. Linux Feedback

    Linux on the desktop is terrible. The video DF posted is higher quality than any linux desktop environment I can think of. You can completely separate the window manager from the rest of the OS conceptually, and it's built from the ground up as a command line OS. Run it on a home server if you want to learn linux. OSX, Windows, or ChromeOS /w crouton (full debian/ubuntu chroot in a browser tab) are all much better choices depending on your price range/build
  5. EHJ Fantasy Football League 2015

    Hi sexy people Nighttime draft works great for me, pretty much any day of the week would be fine. Season doesnt start until Sep 10 this year
  6. The Point of Contention Thread

    The CG guys are actually starting to play your mod during downtime
  7. The Point of Contention Thread

    :X slept through it grr. Let me know when the next session is!
  8. Thanks a lot CIA, glad you guys have an unlimited budget and no oversight
  9. Your mistake was relying on me not to be a smartass. I was quoting Reagan directly re: the Contra affair
  10. The Point of Contention Thread

  11. I thought our government had a firm policy not a capitulate to terrorist demands.
  12. Gaming desktop

    Regarding the 770: It's more for multimonitor, >1080p, or 3D gaming. The 760 will max 98% of what you throw at it already, and the next generation of games are going to be consistently hamstrung by developers for the already out-of-date PS4 and Xbox One. I think you will max out games for at least 3 years, if not more, with a 760 2GB. Socket 1155 motherboards may be easy to find, but they're objectively worse than a comparable Z97 product. You're buying a new computer motherboard that's 2 generations old and you're not saving any money doing it. Haswell does run hot, but it contains the latest and greatest in CPU instructions/pipelines and new software is being built from the ground up to take advantage of it. Devil's Canyon is literally brand new as of three days ago and apparently overclocks like a beast. You're buying a 212 evo so you shouldn't care. Your CPU will probably never get above 50c, which is less than half of what it would take to damage anything in the computer. The only component of your computer that can damage other components is your power supply. The phrase "anyone needs any amount of RAM" may be technically correct, but you will never use more than 8GB on a 2014 machine unless you're doing virtualization or video editing. If you need to run a Sharepoint 2013 server on a guest OS, then you can upgrade easily. For reference, most people still do not need more than 4gb of RAM and over provisioning has no effect. I'm staging an application server and a database from the computer I'm posting on now, with like 40 chrome tabs open, and I'm only using 2.7GB. Scaling back the PSU is just an opportunity that you have. I don't think it uses any more power or runs any less efficiently to overprovision, and don't know prices on them
  13. Gaming desktop

    If you're buying a new Windows license, absolutely buy Windows 8. It's ugly but is an incredible OS under the hood. There is no reason to get a video card like that to future proof. It's cheaper to buy a 750ti 2GB (or a 760 2GB) now, then replace it with a modern card in 3 years if you still want to go that direction. They don't make socket 1155 mobos anymore, you're better off going with a modern Z97 socket 1150 mobo and a Haswell chip (the refresh, i5-4690K, just came out two days ago) You also don't need 16GB ram unless you're going to run virtual machines or do video editing, and can scale back the PSU to a 550W or even 450W if you downgrade the gfx card
  14. Dieselstormers

    Congrats! They met their goal with some cash to spare
  15. The Point of Contention Thread

    I'll be around if people want to play this afternoon/evening. Is there a scheduled session for tonight?