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  1. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

    Free Arena run if you log in between now and Dec 8th. Arena has some (all?) GvG cards available in it, some interesting. I like mage + explosive sheep.
  2. Google Inbox

    i have 3 ... but need a gmail to send 'em to. you can email me at ralph.tice if you don't wanna post it here
  3. Google Inbox

    yep, what's your gmail ? also those are some choice quotes in your sig. lol.
  4. Whatever Happened To MMO-PVP

    Whereabouts in Texas are you, Linc ?
  5. Spiral Knights

    god this game is so grindy.
  6. Conquestor's stock picks

    Look, a year ago already. I sold 1/3rd of the SCTY (holdings still worth $14k...) but kept all the TSLA. Seems like the right play. Finally picked up some SPY and GLD, but pretty speculative otherwise. CIM, PCRFY, CYS.... what can I say I'm a sucker for dividends and batteries...
  7. Heroes of the Storm

    I think, this being Alpha still, they want to get equal playtime on each map to see how they perform. I expect at launch they will let you thumbs down at least one map like they do in SC2 ladder. Sorry if the last bit sounded too combative, was just agreeing that it's not for everyone. Still have a lot of forum in this warrior I guess
  8. Gaming desktop

    Man, fuck Windows.
  9. Heroes of the Storm

    HoTS has a shared queue, you don't pick the map you get a random one. Also you pick your hero before queuing. "Best option" is so relative
  10. Heroes of the Storm

    Yeah Blizzard is knocking this one out of the park IMO. At the very least it should mean LoL/Riot will get off their ass about adding more maps
  11. Dieselstormers

    There's 35 people on the 'team' mosaic picture, so $52k gets you, very generously, 3 weeks of development time. Is a Kickstarter for an established studio mainly just a pre-launch marketing campaign or...?
  12. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?key=0AifXEOqTcGcLdFVvWk1GRjVJTHJUaTVLcGViR1RRTFE in case you haven't seen it been switching between the lock deck number posted (is that zoo?) and UTH since my miracle rogue isnt much to look at ATM. UTH is strong enough but i find the lock deck a lot more fun to play. turns just aren't long enough sometimes w/ all the animations....
  13. Diabro 3 : RoS

    i saw you broke 1M dps on your sorc.... wtf !
  14. Diabro 3 : RoS

    dinged 70 this morning, got crusader to 20 just now doing adventure... as soon as you can craft some socketed gear it's GG, and easy farm for those neph tokens... i guess you can farm neph tokens on easy difficulties and spend them in torment, in general ?