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  1. Potpourri and Smoking it

    Harsh. Quick Bing defintion: bath salts PLURAL NOUN 1. bathwater additive: soluble mineral salts used to perfume and soften bathwater You know, like Epsom salt? Quick wiki lookup: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bath_salts but thanks for correcting me there and reminding me why I stopped coming here.
  2. Potpourri and Smoking it

    FYI, I haven't smoked this stuff again since. I didn't particularly get sick from the stuff but the fact that almost everyone I personally know and know online seems to get sick and likely vomited from it seems to point in a bad direction. and bath salts is lol. People these days will try anything. I wonder who decided "Hey, I'm rubbing my body with this stuff. It makes my skin feels good... maybe if I sniff/smoke/inhale/eat it, I'll feel good!" in the first place. Good scientific approach. I'm glad to state I'm not using anything except weed and your occasional (like once a week) cigarette. Anything includes alcohol. (as in, I don't drink) And hi.
  3. Hotspot Wifi Device

    Bought a Sonic Wifi Hotspot Device 2 days ago. What it does on paper: provides unlimited, perfect internet access What I hope it does: provides unlimited, perfect internet access What it really does: provides unlimited (first 5GB at 4G, then unlimted 3G) and near perfect (I have had three disconnects but they only lasted 5 seconds) access. Because I'm already an existing T-Mobile customer (over 5 years!) I get a discount on the price and the monthly cost. Normally a device like this go for $175 initial purchase and goes $50 a month. I only paid $75 initial and only have to pay $40 a month. The battery on the Sonic device is a non-issue as it lasts for a very long time (all day at full charge). So far I have tested the following; Netflix, Hulu, Facebook, Afterwind (www.afterwind.com), Dungeon Defenders on steam, 3DS. I have also pushed it to the limits by having 3-4 devices connected to it at once and having them all do something hefty with the internet with no problems. Still to test: X360
  4. Afterwind

  5. Afterwind

    www.afterwind.com Pretty awesome game. If you ever wished that someone would take the board game Axis and Allies (or Risk) and turned it into a multiplayer online game... well, this is your wish came true. It's free to play (though $10~20 ONE TIME BUY gets you the full Premium) and reasonably worth the price. I consider it as if I had bought this game from Gamestop for 20 bucks. It's a 3 year old game, so it's been around for a while. Extremely addicting if you love A&A/Risk. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNyNEGeIuzU
  6. Bye

    First page made me literally ROFL so much that my cat ran away. Needed that.
  7. dungeon defenders

    Pretty much addicted to this game for the time being... have a 74 Countess/Adept/Initiate/Hunter/Barbarian. can comfortably do story mode on Nightmare Hardcore. My builder stats range in the 400~900's with the barbarian as my DPSer at almost 2m damage per second with Hawk Strike. I'm pretty much playing it all the time now, so come join me for a round or two.
  8. Forum undergoing DNS change

    Test. Edit: Seems to be gone. And on a related note, we should have a Bugs thread in this subforum... I was all "oh okay, a bug, better put in the right thread... wait... there's no thread!"
  9. Forum undergoing DNS change

    same. Oh that was weird, I managed to post this even though I got the error anyway? Edit 2: Ahh, it doesn't prevent posting, just doesn't let you know something has been posted/edited. Clicking on "save changes" button appears as if nothing happened and the button is broken, but it indeed does its job.
  10. The future of textbooks

    Pretty great and awesome. It has been around for some time now but seeing it on such an easy-carrying device like that as opposed to a laptop - oh god, I'm about to use THAT word to describe a laptop - which can bulky when taking it to classes. It would be a hell lot cheaper than buying actual printed books when you can just put it on a computer file and make each page work the same way as video in quote above (you just have to see first 1-2 min to know what i mean). People can just download it for a price (or even free!). Obvious issue would be to stop the students from using anything else on their devices though, I know I would be sneaking moments onto random little games. Not so obvious issue, less labor. No more printed books? No more... book-printing workers, more unemployment, world ends or China takes over.
  11. Human Trials on Embryonic Stem Cell

    http://www.emaxhealth.com/1/hospital-begins-1st-stem-cells-approved-study-treat-hearing-loss-2012 First FDA-approved human study on using stem cells to repair hearing loss in children. I hope this has promise because I honestly would like to be experience the sense of hearing. It's probably unfeasible, at least for the current generation. If it's a success, they need to be careful how they present it to the general public. Saying something like "We can cure your deafness/disability/blah" would be a problem especially for the 'proud' deaf people who likes being deaf. Something along the lines of comparing it to plastic surgery might come across better. Anyway, go stem cells!
  12. Randumb Funny Internet Stuff Thread

    http://tosh.comedycentral.com/blog/2012/01/23/robot-babies-even-creepier-than-actual-babies/?xrs=share_fb Way creepy.
  13. Fun in lab

    Sheeeeeeeesh dude.
  14. XCOM: Enemy Unknown

    fights are 100% turn-based, everything else is real time. (research, building, hiring, buy/sell, flying ships, etc.)
  15. I got engaged

    Very awesome