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  1. WoW:Classic

    Hey hey, Does anyone plan to get back into vanilla? For the Horde!!!
  2. A trip down memory lane

    EHJ disbanded already? Wow, when was that? Good times with SG. The memories of extraordinary wins and silly losses still haunt me. Heh
  3. Wassap!!!

    Hey y'all. Fuckin long time. Where the SG peeps?!
  4. SG Remake? REALLY?

    Hey folks, So.. wtf is this SG remake all about? Merry X'mas, btw. xdr
  5. Shattered Galaxy?

    hey akagi. yes, its same old me. lol.. only older now. wtf is everyone going back to pr5? and people play only with levis nowadays? lol
  6. Shattered Galaxy?

    good god! so is this sg gaming an ongoing thingy? i missed my clouter units and toyed with tofu lab for the past few days. what faction are u guys in? and what set of stats are in trend now?
  7. SG port

    sorry but is this something like a DOTA spin off from WC3?
  8. Shattered Galaxy

    there is a cap on reincarnations? occasionally i would miss my clout gold vults. but wow, this is getting too old.. too very old..
  9. My Perspective on Modern Christianity

    This topic reminds me of a discussion with former SG mates.. lol Anyway, my opinion is that religion is outdated in this modern world, and I'm not talking about christianity alone. General population was dumb in the olden days; a smart guy with a talent to sweet talk will drive these people into a frenzy of massive magnitude. Its a super version of propaganda at the hands of the powerful to suppress the weak/poor and twist them into believing what the former wanted the latter to believe. I.e: Iran used to issue certificates to troops to go heaven, in return for their bravery in war.. thats WTFLOL. People do not regard eclipse as god's response nowadays, or do they still? The Chinese used to pray to the moon until Neil Armstrong stepped on it. Do one still believe drought is actually God's work? The weather man could tell us what's coming in the next 24 hours. Is that godhood or science? So.. be it heaven or hell (if there is one) no one has the right to decide where u go.. for that would be the all-familiar dictatorship in contrast to what the general populace know as love. And about love.. even animals are capable of that.
  10. 2010 World Cup

    its refreshing to see a new face as world cup champion. other than the 80s, seems like a new face would hit the crown for every decade or so. 1966 UK, twelve years later with Argentina, another twenty years later with France, and now twelve years later with Spain. but honestly, the final match was total bollocks. i think holland turned FIFA world cup into WWE world cup. while Spain has really skillful players, their cautious stance made the most boring finals to watch. passing, passing and more passing, its like watching table tennis going yoyo at turtle pace.
  11. 2010 World Cup

    Spain's game was boring to watch.. i almost dozed off.. hopefully the Oranje learn from Germany's mistake. Offense is the best defense.. the Germans could be disturbed by what that stupid octopus did, and cracked under pressure.. LOL
  12. 2010 World Cup

    LOL.. Big Three all down.. surprise, surprise.. we have a new face for champion.
  13. 2010 World Cup

    Didnt expect Argentina to go down so bad... lol Well, cheating is human nature. Soccer, being a large game with 22 players is where human error and cheating is easily unavoidable. Player would risk it to cheat and it sometimes pays off- think Maradona's classic Hand of God in 1986. Players would taunt and make opponent do stupid things and get the red card - think Zidane's headbutt in 2006. Players would fake to gain free kicks or penalty kicks - think Voller faking for the winning penalty kick in 1990. Like it or not, its part of the game and its strategy. Soccer casts a spell on its fans when players dribble with legs that are swifter and faster than what many could do with their hands. FIFA World Cup, being the world's most prestigious sports event, is where real soccer is played. Go Germany go!
  14. 2010 World Cup

    In superstitious way, for the past few decades since England won its first World Cup in 1966, the Cup has been bouncing between South America and Europe, with one continent winning the Cup and the other taking it in the next tournament. England 1966 Brazil 1970 West Germany 1974 Argentina 1978 Italy 1982 Argentina 1986 West Germany 1990 Brazil 1994 France 1998 Brazil 2002 Italy 2006 2010 = Argentina??? Conspiracy theory
  15. 2010 World Cup

    Hi folks. No one goes to World Cup to play clean soccer cuz clean soccer does not exist. The game is fine as it is now, with exception of technology for goal detection. England = clowns.. they will still lose even if the referee award them the 2nd goal in Round 2. When the curtain of finals falls, its one of the Big Three (Italy, Germany, Brazil) who are taking turns to grab the Cup in a cycling manner; not much to speculate in World Cup really. Watching World Cup is only to see how events unfold and pan to the same results that has been haunting the World Cup like a plague for many decades. France was an accident.. one-time champion is hardly a true champ.. Brazil of 1998 finals was garbage anyway. 18 World Cup tournaments: 9 won by South Americans, 9 won by Europeans, Brazil (5), Argentina (2), Uruguay (2). Italy (4), Germany (3), England (1), France (1). My thoughts: World Cup 2010 finals is gonna be Brazil vs Germany, and the Cup gong home with the Germans.. although my heart is screaming for Argentina, cuz the pages of history could use a third legend to win the World Cup as player and coach..