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  1. Guild Wars 2

    I loved DAoC, so I would like to test this game before I shell out cash for another game.
  2. Who's Hot?!

    Paz Vega
  3. Survival Evaluation Time

    With luck I have a tool belt with a roofing hammer. I have a lot of other cool shit in here besides the hammer, but the hammer is most visable. I also have a laptop on a tray table, 2 remotes for TV and cable, glass coke bottle, 3 hershey kisses, half a beerpong cup full of Coke, 2 pillows, 3 text boooks, and a poncho liner blanket.
  4. Discrimination Ban

    I agree with Boots, this shit is just going to be about law suits. Not many white males are going to file suit about hiring discrimination.
  5. Forum Access

    Travian access please!
  6. Who's Hot?!

    I agree.
  7. No Mo Trollz!

    I offended so many people in Travian, I would hate to have been in your shoes.
  8. MMA Fans

    Nothing good comes from Minnesota.
  9. Who's Hot?!

    Its the pig tails that got me.
  10. Who's Hot?!

    This thread is worthless without Kate.