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  1. History of IC/Einherjar?

    Play World of Tanks. Also, where is Samah.
  2. Invite Code For New Players (World of Tanks)

    Can you get me a code that I can use for the platooning? It looks like this will work on my current laptop, so I am downloading it as we speak.
  3. Far Cry 4 PS3

    I made Stone get this. Would like to play with others if anyone sees this and has it.
  4. History of IC/Einherjar?

    1% is probably generous. Hi D~ Hi Wing~
  5. History of IC/Einherjar?

    Yes. Started in SG ages ago (15 years thereabouts). Branched into other games after SG petered out. Acheron/Jeslek/RiceJ would know more. Almost 0 activity these days.
  6. Diabro 3 : RoS

    I just got this for PS3. Someone play with me. I believe my PSN name is Throatswab. I <3 you all.
  7. XtremeEdgeGT for OL. (How did nobody post this yet?!?!)
  8. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

    Just started. What should I do?
  9. Albion Online

    Is it worth playing? Is anyone still playing? Anyone love me anymore?
  10. Albion Online

    This something that takes a new rig to play?
  11. Harlo~ Looking for some people with web design experience that might be able to help me with a new project. I gots Stonehand helping me as well but I have some questions and whatnot. How are you gays doing?
  12. What the fuck are people playing?

    Someone get me a new computer =(
  13. Kongregate Games

    Not Kongregate related, but ive been dabbling in Nethack recently. Also, Dwarf Fortress.
  14. SG Screenshots