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  1. History of IC/Einherjar?

    Play World of Tanks. Also, where is Samah.
  2. Invite Code For New Players (World of Tanks)

    Can you get me a code that I can use for the platooning? It looks like this will work on my current laptop, so I am downloading it as we speak.
  3. Far Cry 4 PS3

    I made Stone get this. Would like to play with others if anyone sees this and has it.
  4. History of IC/Einherjar?

    1% is probably generous. Hi D~ Hi Wing~
  5. History of IC/Einherjar?

    Yes. Started in SG ages ago (15 years thereabouts). Branched into other games after SG petered out. Acheron/Jeslek/RiceJ would know more. Almost 0 activity these days.
  6. Diabro 3 : RoS

    I just got this for PS3. Someone play with me. I believe my PSN name is Throatswab. I <3 you all.
  7. XtremeEdgeGT for OL. (How did nobody post this yet?!?!)
  8. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

    Just started. What should I do?
  9. Albion Online

    Is it worth playing? Is anyone still playing? Anyone love me anymore?
  10. Albion Online

    This something that takes a new rig to play?
  11. Harlo~ Looking for some people with web design experience that might be able to help me with a new project. I gots Stonehand helping me as well but I have some questions and whatnot. How are you gays doing?
  12. What the fuck are people playing?

    Someone get me a new computer =(
  13. Kongregate Games

    Not Kongregate related, but ive been dabbling in Nethack recently. Also, Dwarf Fortress.
  14. SG Screenshots

  15. Realm of the Mad God

    realmofthemadgod.com Dont need steam. Great time wasting game but deaths come swiftly.
  16. Why the hell is this happening...

    I am continually getting popups from "XP Internet Security 12" saying that my firewall is off and I have trojans and whatnot etc etc. Not sure what the fuck is going on. Hasnt happened until today. All they seem to want me to do is buy their product. Anyone else have this problem? Know what I can do to fix? I have AVG installed and ran a full scan with nothing detected.
  17. Potpourri and Smoking it

    It was "XXX" brand or something. Was like 25 a gram. I am sure the brands vary by region. The crappiest stuff here is like $15/3 gram bag. I wont mess with that stuff. I never had any bad effects but after seeing all the other stuff I guess I stopped before I could.
  18. Potpourri and Smoking it

    I have done this a few times. Got me high. Not worth the risks. Two of my friends on separate occasions smoked this and got very irregular/increased heartbeats. Both were convinced they needed serious medical help Also, the better end of the "potpurri" is even more expensive than real marijuana. It's retarded. There is not enough research yet about this to really know the long term effects. And fuck bath salts. That shit is nuts. Ive heard horror stories. Not that I would have ever considered trying them anyway, but I dont want to be in close proximity to anyone that does.
  19. Hi!

    Dont think its real japr.
  20. Mine Things

    Minethings is a not too involved browser game I found. Basically its all player driven. You own mines that 'mine things'. These things are used in 'melds' that help you advance to better professions etc etc. It seems like a simple game, but theres a decent amount to it. I am on the BROMO server and have a decent enough wealth that I can throw money to anyone who starts and get you going. Once you get some starter cash you can be active in PVP and start raping and pillaging. My tag there is Esquimaux. Throw me a message here or there and Ill get you started and answer any questions.
  21. Mine Things

    So listing something for 200g wont work if theres already a ton of those items on the market. Let me get a ledger and Ill be able to send gold directly. Just mine gold for now and try to buy items to get to 10 melds.
  22. Mine Things

    Hang tight for now and mine things. I have a day off tuesday. EITHER LIST SOMETHING FOR 200 GOLD AND TELL ME OR WAIT FOR TUESDAY. Once I can throw that initial gold your way you should be off and running.
  23. Mine Things