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  1. Promoted all four diamonds

    Watch out against protoss now. I think after this latest MLG more people are going to start blocking off ramps with 2 pylons then cannoning you in. I tried this out tonight against a diamond zerg and handled him pretty easily. (I'm in silver) oh and congrats obviously. I changed my name everyone by the way.. Moerauwdurr is my new name so if you see me and are going "who the fuck is this" .. now you know.
  2. Starcraft II Patch 1.1

    You need to I lost to a 6 pool last night because I couldn't get out my zealot out in time.. Also I blocked it in D:
  3. SG port

    I don't see my character in that screenshot... Couldn't be that utterly awesome.
  4. 1v1 EHJ Tournament - Round 1 Up!!!

    Haha I thought about this today and was wondering what happened.
  5. Replays

    Idra is good just a bit of a bitch when he loses.
  6. SG port

    Wait a minute who got sued?
  7. SG port

    Maybe in the sense that I actually need to fool around with the map editor first before commenting whether or not I can make a map.
  8. SG port

  9. Who's Hot?!

    Surf you are my hero
  10. SG port

    I'll play with the map editor tomorrow and see what I can come up with.
  11. Questions

    Gotcha. That makes sense.
  12. Questions

    New question! So I am playing on.. Desert Oasis against a Protoss and I am in the souther starting position. My opponent places a pylon across the chasm from my base (the SE position) and warps in a bunch of units. My question being: I thought that Protoss were not allowed to warp in across chasms even if the pylon hit solid ground on the other side. Is Husky misinformed? Did I just get gyped out of a league game -.-!?
  13. 1v1 EHJ Tournament - Round 1 Up!!!

    That takes like 5 minutes tops for me. waiiitttt....
  14. Longest Match?

    Ya lifting as a terran is pretty cheap. I've done it to win a match though.
  15. Longest Match?

    I've had a couple of 48-59 minute matches. Don't really like them since i'll usually lose since my late game is atrocious :x.