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  1. Travian server in a month or so

    Good times. Crazy how consuming a browser game could be. Nothing like setting your alarm for 3:00 am and pissing your wife off so that your hammer doesn't starve. Or mess up your launch, and have your catapults arrive before the clear wave and have everyone ridicule you as a noob. Just wish I had more free time.
  2. Am I the only one?

    I play some. But not much really anymore. I tend to play bunker wars or squadron tower defense mostly when I do play. Both are pretty mindless/fun.
  3. Kingdoms of Amalur : Reckoning

    On PC? Got a link?
  4. Brady vs. Satan

    I agree about the crazy abortion pushing ad. He is clearly the devil. (in case you don't watch the video they don't mention abortion once.) I'll inject some perspective. I don't like Tebow. But I don't hate him either. He has religious beliefs, I don't share them, but whatever, its not easy being religious these days. I do find it humorous how much the Broncos Gm/executives must hate him. The Broncos were clearly trying to tank the season and get into the Andrew Luck sweepstakes. So they decide to give "Tebow a chance." To make it even more of a sure thing they also got rid of their best Wide Receiver right before turning the team over to Tebow. It was a brilliant move. Or should have been. They were going to lose every game. Get the fans off their backs about Tebow, and possibly draft their QB of the future. Then Tebow goes on a winning streak, not only possibly screwing them out of the number one pick, but putting ownership in a position where they will never get the fans off their backs if they refuse to play him now. I'm not sure if thats Karma or what. But its pretty funny (at least to me). As for Tebow, he isn't a great QB. He isn't a terrible one either (at least based upon the bulk of his work this year). If he has more games like the last one I'll change my opinion. You don't need Peyton Manning to win super bowls. Trent Dilfer won one after all. If you have a solid running game, with a ball control offense, and a good defense, all you really need is a QB that doesn't lose you games, which is what Tebow has been doing all season (up until last couple weeks). Tebow could be the perfect example of the "ball control" QB with his inside power running game supplementing the normal running back and keeping Defenses guessing. If they work on their D and their running game its possible they could win some Super bowls.
  5. My computer took a green and pink shit

    Slight off topic. Whats the best SSD for the size/money right now? Have heard a lot of aren't that much faster than normal hard drives as well and have to be careful about that.
  6. Books

    Same. Read it as well. Pretty decent read. After Dance with Dragons probably finally get to Stone Wielder by Ian C. Esslemont. Reviews on it havne't been great, but its part of the Malazon book series thats co-written by Steven Erikson and as such I want to read even if that one book might be lacking. Have pretty much liked all the other books in the series.
  7. Its funny how the media latches onto certain cases and not onto others. Cases very similar to this happen all of the time in almost every single city the country. Some you can prove. Some you can't. Most in the middle will end up pleading to lesser charges. Wife (Prosecutor) in the past week has had to dismiss a similar case (abuse resulting in severe injury to a infant) due to lack of evidence. They think X happened, but they just can't prove it. At least for right now. Could get direct indicted later on. I honestly didn't follow the case in the slightest. But in general, weird things happen with a case when the media latches onto a case. It makes working out any deal almost impossible. In this case, if the media hadn't gotten involved there is a very good chance IMO that something would have been worked out.
  8. TV Show Recommendations

    Did you ever read all the books? I didn't get that much into the books until after I finished the first one. I remember you were having problems getting through the first book. They definitely aren't my favorite books of all time. But I still found them to be decent reads. For the above reasons (in spoiler tags previous post). But also because I liked how he wrote the books from various perspectives. How you only see the events going on through one characters eyes at a time, and as such a lot of things happen out of sight. Which is why that in the show, its clear that Renly and Sir Loras are gay. But in the books, you only make guesses about this because neither of them are a view point character and you don't really see them interacting like you do in the shows.
  9. TV Show Recommendations

    Game of Thrones Season 1 spoiler:
  10. A Poll About Sex

    Strong first post. I would definitely register just to post in this thread. haha.
  11. TV Show Recommendations

    The next book which has been years in the making will be out in July. From reading his blog on occasion. Martin apparently painted himself into a corner somewhat. He knew where he wanted to go. But he didn't quite know how to get there. I think he kept getting frustrated and thats why he kept finding other things to work on and fill his time rather than finishing the book.
  12. Droid Apps

    Yeah, I'm a app addict. Some really good free games: Gun Bros. I like this one a lot. A good action/shooter game. Probably the best game so far that I have played on droid. Air Attack HD Part 1. Old school top down flying/shooting game. I'm thinking of buying this one for more levels as I have finished them all on the hardest difficulty on the free version. Rocket Bunnies is pretty fun. It starts off simple, but gets harder quick. Have all the levels finished that are released up to the last spider level with the red webs... haven't been able to finish that one yet. If you like Tower Defense type games, I like Guns'n'glory pretty well. Medieval Castle defense is another good one. Abduction! is also decently entertaining for a few minutes. Angry Birds is another good one as has already been mentioned.
  13. Shogun 2

    I bought it the day it came out, but for some reason I haven't got into it like I did Medieval Total War II. Plan on giving it another shot though when I get some free time. Also hoping some of the mods will be decent. Always seem to enjoy the mods more than the actual game.
  14. Classic PC Games

    Played that game a ton. Never got into the third one really. Another great game. If you haven't played it, the third game in the series, Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic is pretty decent as well. Actually have half a mind to try to find where I put those discs and play it again... A couple more great games. Edit: Forgot to mention Imperialism II.
  15. No, it wouldn't help us with energy independence, but its sure squeezing the economy at a time when its not really needed. High oil prices hit everyone and everything in the economy pretty much. From heating, to driving, to getting things delivered to grocery stores and increasing the price of food. If gas prices stay high, fewer people will go on vacation, etc etc etc. Just goes on and on. If the prices keep going up, forget any recovery. The US is way too dependant on oil at the moment to eat significantly higher oil prices.