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    music. vidja games. i can't recall what i wrote here in the last forum, but do remember it being ticklishly funny.
  1. Desiny PS4

    played a couple of times in the last week. just quick daily stuff unfortunately. lvl 28 currently. also, I just picked up da inquisition which I will probably start playing a more heavily. think there is some sort of multiplayer there?
  2. Desiny PS4

    Took a bit of time off but will be back this weekend. psn: tomservonimus
  3. Shadow of Mordor

    Nice sale going on today. Was the only other game on ps4 I was really looking forward to. Neat! http://www.amazon.com/Middle-Earth-Shadow-Mordor-PlayStation-4/dp/B00GMFKYK8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1417106531&sr=8-1&keywords=shadows+of+mordor
  4. Desiny PS4

    playing with a few work buddies. 20 bucks on craigslist. surprisingly neat! lvl 22 or something. psn tomservonimus
  5. Desiny PS4

    i'll pick it up as soon as there is a decent sale.
  6. Marvel Heroes

    I may have to return. am having a blast with d3 atm.
  7. ps3 refurb groupon dealie

    I have been thinking about picking up a ps3 lately and came across this http://www.groupon.com/deals/gg-sony-playstation-3-320gb-system-1 Seems like a nice price, but seeing something that has been refurbished always scares me a bit. Anyone suggest buying it or not? Also, I don't have a blu ray player, so its a doubly plus. This seemed geeky to me. So it's in here and not the game sub forum, pals.
  8. Rift

    Anyone still playing this? I'm a few levels in and it doesn't seem too bad at all for a f2p.
  9. TV Show Recommendations

    HBO's True Detective is fantastic. It's Twin Peaks-ish and has a great Stephen King story telling vibe. Also, I'm kinda pissed they cancelled Family Tree. The dudes sister, who used a puppet to talk, was hilarious.
  10. Marvel Heroes

    I've had a good amount of fun running through pve, both by myself and with others. its unfortunate that you can beat the first play-through pretty quickly but they've added other difficulties for some sort of replay value (very diablo-y). oh and theyve also added some mini-expansion in asgard which was entertaining. killing frost giants hasnt become tiresome yet. there's a lot more to do as of late tho: different tiers of dailies (can choose easy or hard), few group challenges, a stupid cow level ive yet to unlock, 1 style of pvp, random-enemy-zone-dealies that level up with you, i also dont mind running around with other characters that are the same dude as me. some folk seem to have struggled getting past that fer some reason to enjoy playing in general.
  11. Marvel Heroes

    Seconded. PvP isn't near what it should be, but it's also very new.
  12. Steam Summer Sale

    dragon age origins has been worth the ten bucks so far. pretty neat.
  13. Our Darker Purpose

    Didn't see this until today. But grats and stuff!
  14. Marvel Heroes

    Jay, there is no way you are going to be able to run through all the terminals (3 different tiers)/limbo without assigning stuffs. Shit's difficult. On a side note, this may be one of the funniest things i've seen: https://forum.marvelheroes.com/showthread.php/43683-Warning-Auto-Bans-for-Kicking-Party 1 year for the first offense is quite different than the usual 3-day-wow-thing.
  15. ntldr is missing

    Fixed. Thanks, pals. Was looking in the incorrect menu.