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  1. Help the strange newb

    Hi Silvestri, Long time no see. I recall the frustration you refer to surrounding Simon, believe you're talking about the creation of Vital Force. Anyway, those are old news now. I don't have contact info for Simon but I'd suggest starting with Blackie, who you can find on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AstroZombieez You're right, otherwise - nothing goes on on ic.com. There's 50 or so of us who still communicate on a Discord server, and not much else. Like you said.. aging. PH / Cres
  2. History of IC/Einherjar?

    EHJ in New York Oct 20-23rd for DoubleO's wedding, come hang
  3. Fantasy Hockey

    The usual EHJ fantasy hockey pool is getting set up. Commitment involves: - Showing up for the live draft, a process that takes approximately 2 hours, currently scheduled for Sunday October 9th at 1PM EDT - Maybe 2 minutes of effort once a week to set your lines (probably less than that) - Maybe 5 minutes of effort a few times per season to choose someone to replace your injured players - The willingness to ultimately lose to someone who did none of those things Let me know if you want in, I just need your email address in a private message, we have 4 spots left, also you should be on the EHJ Discord server
  4. History of IC/Einherjar?

    You don't remember that being the deal-breaker because you had, as you said, already started ignoring the meta-organisation, focusing exclusively on EVE. It had been a few years that I hadn't had the gaming hours to hold anything together through sheer presence, so conversely 100% of my attention was on the meta-organisation, which I wanted set up for long-term survival. Certainly didn't have all the answers, but certain concepts seemed key and obvious: - Loyalty requires value provided by the organisation to its members - A healthy cross-section of well-supported divisions in a variety of games, where somewhat similar values are embraced, was the easiest way to provide value - Division leaders who work together to uphold those values creates long-term sustainability - Consistent recruitment practices provide stability to the values of each division - A modern website with features that support these principles greatly alleviate the necessary workload And so it's with this kind of long-term strategic backdrop that we consider Retal/MM's work on IC.com in the months leading up to the events in question. The new website featured customizable recruitment forms that would necessarily be adapted to the needs of each division but also featured a universal boiler plate section of questions to ensure all new recruits are introduced to the same expectations. It featured shared resources used indiscriminately by members of all divisions. It would feature gamification to increase the presence of EHJ members on the site. It was attractive and effective, and it would be a source of pride to EHJ members at the time. When the things happened, I'd say the site was maybe 80% complete. I browsed it. It wasn't totally finished, but the key new sections were done and it all looked very good. I believe the guy's name was black_necris. If it wasn't that, it was something similar. He was an EVE player, but had taken to posting in the open forums too. I forget what the exact topic of the thread was about. Something about a bank. He either robbed a bank? Or defrauded a bank, more likely. And he just kind of loudly advertised that in a thread, it was somehow on topic. I guess he felt like we'd think it was okay because 1. fuck banks/the man! and 2. it was like a Mexican bank, not a real bank. So I guess he thought we'd think it was cool or something. Obviously his comment led to a bunch of awkward tumbleweed posts and the general vibe was wow, this guy is a douche. But MM, who had full admin rights on the site due to his work with the new version of the website, decided his comments warranted a much stronger response, so he took it upon himself to ban the douche. Kicked out of EVE-EHJ, banned from the forums, the full deal. The guy doesn't expect it / is not very bright, and basically just asks in-game (EVE) what's up with his forum access. This is how Acheron looks at the logs and sees what happens. He heads to the top private forum, visible to less than a dozen people, basically only the division leaders and the webmaster, and asks: what the fuck? MM explains, the guy is a douche, he needs to go. Have you seen his posts? what a douche. Acheron is very mad. Obviously don't remember the full content of his replies but it's basically of the, it's not your job to decide who to kick out, leave my division alone variety. I remember making an attempt to put things in perspective by asking MM if he can figure out what the risks might be if someone outside EVE arbitrarily kicks someone inside EVE. Who is the player? Who are his friends? What might the ramification be for removing someone from a division without firsthand knowledge of the impact? At the same time as these weak attempts at de-escalation are made, Rollin jumps into the thread and sides 100% with MM. Rollin had categorically refused to consider any question of "impact to the greater EHJ" when running the Travian division and had clashed privately with me on a number of occasions. By this point Rollin has been in "Fuck the man!!" mode for a solid year+ and this is just the next chapter of the full-fledged narrative in his mind. With Rollin flaming Acheron and I over our tyrannical attempts to impose federal control upon states rights, MM gets more indignant than ever and shit goes nowhere good fast. MM quits, takes the 80% completed update with him. Rollin would never coordinate with anyone outside Travian ever again. Dofus, previously the most isolated division, now finds it ideological divide with the rest of the organisation totally validated. Acheron would never again concern himself with the events outside EVE, and winds up signing up for their own voice chat server. EHJ WoW blinks and asks where its friends went. I'm not saying that we didn't get old and stopped gaming. I'm saying it didn't have to matter -- it didn't have to end this way. There are plenty of new gamers coming up and plenty of them would've made great EHJ members. But they needed to be recruited by clear-minded leadership who understood and agreed with the long-term vision. And in turn, those leaders needed to have tools to recruit and retain these members, such as the ability to leverage a huge gaming community that will welcome you with consistent values across dozens of games and a killer website that keeps our vision and principles alive. Nothing ever only happens for a single reason. But that moment... that was the linchpin. No doubt about it.
  5. History of IC/Einherjar?

    Not sure what you're referring to with Shattered Galaxy 2. The original Shattered Galaxy is still running, albeit on empty servers. Point of Contention was our SG remake as a SC2 mod. The project above by Peaches is a new solo effort to create a brand new game from scratch that's only inspired by SG. And as far as I know no company has any plans for any SG2.
  6. Group Chat? Slack

    Yeah we on dat discord
  7. History of IC/Einherjar?

    Hey Jovan, Haven't been here in years but Peaches mentioned the thread, and then I saw all the names who replied to you just within June and my heart broke a little again. Anyway. What about you? What brought you to register on ic.com in 2013? Regarding EHJ, I'd estimate the super rough timeline goes something like this: 2000-2001: the oldest members, not yet assembled, are discovering Shattered Galaxy late 2001: rebrand my old regiment from Underground Strike to Ituron Cavalry 2002: Ituron Cavalry merges with Acheron's Cry Havoc Somewhere between 2003 and 2004: rebrand as Einherjar when Crem basically holds the website hostage, we disband and re-invite everyone one-by-one with new expectations 2004-2007: our apogee in Shattered Galaxy, uncontested best US-timezone regiment in the game First few places we branch out included: - World of Warcraft (First North American kill of Ragnaros for Alliance) - Dofus (First level 100 crafters and top PvP guild on the light side) - EVE (2nd highest kill-loss ISK ratio after Pandemic Legion) - Travian (two consecutive server wins) At our peak, we had a dozen active divisions, a little over 500 active members in our gaming divisions and nearly 2000 individual members in the online community. Our people have held countless parties around the world IRL, struck up friendships, caused a few marriages and businesses. It was a good time. I think we officially folded our SG division around 2010. The old leadership group had moved on around that time as well and soon afterwards a website crash cost us the forums with (nearly? more than?) 1M posts. Everyone points to age and real life as the reason the community moved on. They were certainly factors. Had we been 21 year olds forever, gaming 40 hours a week, the events that undid the organisation wouldn't have had the effect they did. Nonetheless, there was a catalyst, and it was Rollin siding with Mainmast in a private conversation on the Division Leader forum. It triggered a chain of events that basically ruptured the community and created gaps that would've required considerable effort to bridge -- an unreasonable amount of effort for adults with full-time careers. So, RL was definitely a factor, but if we're gonna bother stating some history, it might as well attribute responsibility accurately.
  8. The Point of Contention Thread

  9. The Point of Contention Thread

    It's happening. Sunday 8PM EST.
  10. NHL Playoffs

    I just end up raging at my TV when I watch soccer. Stupid players, stupid refering, stupid rules and stupid producers. I hate them all.
  11. WildStar - Anyone Played?

    I read the first page of the review and stopped... this guy is not telling me what I need to know: what is the difference between this and WoW? (besides aoe targetting like cyrus said)
  12. Gaming desktop

    Ordered... and Pep took one too >_>
  13. Gaming desktop

    Alright, I finalized the build and brought it back under 1500$ with those tweaks... thanks all for the help.
  14. Cognitive dissonance? Not usually, I just figured in this specific context the topic conjures two sets of beliefs that are really opposed, because Obama has justified the outcome of this story with a pro-military approach. Thus the conflict... Regarding your facebook likes/comments -- and you are right, that is what I was referring to -- I don't claim to know everything you read and like and comment on. To begin with I don't pay attention to everything that's on my feed and, like you said, it's not like facebook shows 100% of anyone's activity to others. However, and please don't take this as a comment made in aggression, because it's not, I have seen you like some pieces of serious journalistic trash, seemingly just because it conformed with your existing beliefs. Each side of the aisle has its retards who do a shitty job of representing their beliefs, but for right-wing writers my measuring stick is this: if the writing refers to "the Dems" or "the Liberals" as a group of people that does or thinks something, it's written by a retard. That kind of speech is stupid on the same level as racism is stupid. There is no one thing that holds true about an entire group as large as "democrats" (what is that, anyway? people who voted for democrats at the last election?) in terms of what they are or do, just like there is no one belief or action that holds true for the entire group of blacks, or women, or gays. To speak in those terms is obviously to display biased partisanship with no basis in objectivity. You should not support these people. There are plenty of reasonable, conservative opinions out there. The most offensive one in recent memory was this, I forget, Business Insider? or some other finance-oriented outlet who made fun of the ideal of environment protection because "the liberals" are asking us to safeguard the planet of tomorrow, in 100 or 200 years without realizing the impact it has on humans today. How is Bob supposed to get to his job in the valley if he can't fill up his tank? Are you fucking serious? We're a bunch of parasitic maggots. Of course it doesn't matter that Bob can't fill up his fucking tank. We're halfway through the process of destroying 65 million years of evolution in about 200 years. I'd sooner wipe out the entire human race than keep us on the path we're on. There is no mechanism by which we will resolve this issue ourselves. No matter of ingenuity or science or activism will reverse this course. We are hard-wired for survival and competition but we have mastered our environment so we're no longer threatened by it. We have turned that survival instinct against each other and the only people who have the ability to effect change are those whose spirit of competition and self-interest is strongest. By definition, those of us who would sacrifice our own interest for the good of humanity are never going to be in a position to do so. You liked that blog post or article or whatever it was. You contributed to propagate that person's worthless, dangerous opinion. That scared me. But anyways... Regarding the soldier, I actually agree with everything you said, the suspicious nature of the timing which is most likely just a coincidence, the quality of the POTUS reaction and the fact that if, after the investigation is concluded, it is determined that he did desert, then he should be found guilty of that... all the way until your proposed consequences. No one should be executed, and certainly not for failing to support the American war machine, but I understand that that viewpoint is totally incompatible with yours since 1. as a soldier yourself, you need to know for certain that the guy next to you has your back no matter what, a reality that I couldn't possibly understand, and desertion flies in the face of that and 2. you likely support the death penalty in other cases as well whereas I never do, which is a fundamental belief difference that is external to this topic. Other than that death penalty bit though, our positions are really pretty close.
  15. Gaming desktop

    Appreciate the feedback but I need to challenge you on the elements, otherwise I'm just flying blind: - Why do you say that about the video card? It's not the 780, which is unreasonably priced. If I go with a cheaper card I won't survive 5 years, and if the plan is to just buy a new video card in 3 years, well... I'm just procrastinating at that point. 3 years from now I'll be faced with the same choice of spending either 400$ to last another 5, or 200$ to last 3 and spend 200$ again 3 years later. If I spend 400 now I last the 5 years and for the first 18-24 months I can run everything through the roof. - Finding a socket 1155 motherboard isn't that hard, some websites still have some options, but it's good to know they don't make them anymore because I did notice availability was scarce. Everything I read about the Haswell said that its architecture is designed to benefit certain types of activities, gaming not being one of them. Also, Haswell chips just run universally hotter / power hungry, which indirectly impacts the lifespan of the PC. - Isn't telling me I don't need 16gb of RAM the same as telling someone 5 years ago he doesn't need 4gb of RAM? Eventually, everyone needs any amount of RAM... - Why is scaling back the PSU even an objective? They're practically the same price... Again, I have to challenge your points to understand them. I'm open to making changes to the build if it's for an educated reason.