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  1. Weekend SG

    Woo i might join in
  2. A trip down memory lane

    Anyone still active in other games?
  3. History of IC/Einherjar?

    Basically playing League of Legends and Overwatch. SG is probably on like hundreds of reincarnations now. Dofus was fun. IDK if my accounts were deleted or not. PS - just dropping by to say hello.
  4. Overwatch

    Is there an IGN list for people who play overwatch?
  5. Netgear R7000 VS R8000

    So have an option of using either one. Anyone have experience with either one or both? Pros/Cons? Anyone use ddwrt with either/both?
  6. Ingame names

    Add me please SonOfKorhal#1317 Haven't played with HoT expansion yet =S so I'm not ranked.
  7. Anyone still play HoN?

    anyone still play? the game is now f2p with bonus stuff for p2p my ign is sleepering
  8. POS Systems

    Thanks for the replies so far, keep em coming as I look into them. The goal for this POS system is a seasonal retail store with a year round online store (so inventory control is a must). Thanks again.
  9. POS Systems

    I'm trying to find an affordable robust retail POS software system. From what I have gathered it seems that hardware is something that you could build or buy used for cheaper prices. It mostly the software that makes it special and you need a centralized server. Any additional input would be great. Any additional input would be great.
  10. Creating a webpage

    Okay so I have my webpage up. Currently I am trying to implement a contact us form. I have the form all done but the only thing that I can figure out how to code to send the email is using mailto. Is there a way to make it so that after you hit submit or send it directly sends the feedback/comments rather than having you open your default email application on your computer? Also how would do you make it so that you site has more visibility via search engines? PS - Anyone here good with photoshop? PPS - I decided to use godaddy for hosting and currently will attempt to transfer the domain name in the future.
  11. Creating a webpage

    What is a good site for free templates?
  12. Creating a webpage

    so i registered a domain at http://www.namecheap.com/ anyone have any suggestions on hosts? I think the it will be a basic informational site for now but may want to add a shopping cart in the future. anyone also recommend any website building software? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!~
  13. Starcraft 2 Beta

    static defense fail!!! i think they changed it to prevent cheese with photon cannons hehe at any rate roaches are tier 1.5 units that needed that nerf in my opinion.
  14. Heroes of Newerth

    had bought the game for awhile now. kdr is meh (mostly play pugs). its hard to find a nice IH or friends who are online to play with.
  15. Starcraft 2 Beta

    Okay so my laptop fails horribly on this game, but the few games I was able to play well were on a friends desktop. I ended up getting ranked into copper league =P I think my bnet account is Sleepering.Sleep or just Sleep. (I think you can use bnet account names too.) protoss is best for terran is meh zerg is wtf man, u wulu Build order is fairly standard unless you going for a cheese of some sort. I need to figure out a balance between my micro/macro (i tend to either do one or the other alot more in my games) and end up failing because of it. ill confirm my ign for sc2 later.