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  1. EHJ Steam User ID List

    http://steamcommunity.com/id/PanRouge/ Haven't been on much... at all. Little one keeps me busy
  2. WWIII

    Maybe Ukraine will now stop being pushed around and start firing back at Russia. That death was a stupid move by Russia.
  3. Swords & Potions 2

    I've actually hit level 50. I just unlocked ironwood in my town. Many recipes, that I have, require it now. But, nobody is left in my village. Also, I've completed most of the early quests.
  4. Swords & Potions 2

    I think that my current village is dead... ign: PanRouge
  5. Dawngate

    How does this differ from LoL?
  6. I couldn't agree more. I was thinking that people would be talking about guys getting cut... like a certain former QB in New England...
  7. Walt is going to come down with pneumonia following his weakened state (post-treatment). He collapses during a drug bust and dies in a hospital, handcuffed to the bed. Jesse escapes and the last scene is of him cooking. I could be way off, but hey, why not have Walt die of the same thing as Whitman?
  8. In the end you realize that he's been dead all this time, meanwhile thinking that he's on an island in the pacific...
  9. TV Show Recommendations

    On the third season of Star Trek: TNG. Wesley bugs the shit out of me and needs to die in a fire. Troi bugs me more than Wesley and needs to be scarred for life after surviving the horrendous fire that killed Wesley. She then can die of Alzheimer's, going crazy because she doesn't know that she's has telepathy. Otherwise, fun show... I kind of like TOS better, though...
  10. Randumb Funny Internet Stuff Thread

    Same.. though it was a bit funnier this way.
  11. Way to go Fox News

    I disagree. Mainly because they are less likely to kill/bomb anyone that disagrees with them.
  12. Way to go Fox News

    Everyone knows that you are only allowed to write about your own religion. It's the primary reason why I will never write a book on religion.
  13. Amazing Breakthroughs

  14. Steam Summer Sale

    Hah! You actually think that you're getting paid... That's cute. Seriously though, gluck.
  15. Steam Summer Sale

    I've actually just started playing Cube World. It's damn fun, but you need a good graphics card. Hopefully, they'll fix that. (Also, LFD2)