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  1. Destiny -Xbox One

    I am! Love it so far to be honest.
  2. Diablo 3 - Battletag

    Anyone playing this on XBOX One?
  3. The Point of Contention Thread

    Was fun and didn't nothing anything broken with the new AI.
  4. Official Movie Discussion Thread

    Has anyone seen Transcendence?
  5. SMITE!

    I've played a lot of this game. Had to stop when they upgraded the graphics cause my computer would shut down. Re-downloaded it with the new PC and it works great, though I've only played a game since.
  6. WildStar - Anyone Played?

    I dabbled with the trial with 2 different characters and I actually enjoy the combat so far.
  7. WildStar - Anyone Played?

    With wings! No wait...
  8. WildStar - Anyone Played?

    I actually am enjoying this right now. The PvP and general combat is definitely more hectic than WoW and is keeping me entertained.
  9. Steam Summer Sales General

    Acheron's game is eligible for vote. Go vote for him peeps. (Giana Sisters).
  10. WildStar - Anyone Played?

    I wouldnt mind a trial. Getting a new PC Thursday/Friday.
  11. Dead Island: Epidemic

    I actually got a free copy through Steam. Downloaded it, but didn't try it.
  12. Gaming desktop

    I'd like to add a question: We were discussing what version of Windows to get. I have an Xbox One, so Windows 8 seems like a logical choice just for the media options, but would Windows 7 be enough if not? I mean, I expect it will be supported for many, many years.
  13. The Point of Contention Thread

    I'll be on as well.
  14. TV Show Recommendations

    That was some very good acting. You could really feel the intensity. Definitely a good episode.