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  1. Weekend SG

    Shame, I pointed them at Creslin but it doesn't look like they caught him. Still, always nice to hear SG mentioned: http://massivelyop.com/2018/03/24/the-game-archaeologist-shattered-galaxy/
  2. Weekend SG

    Cool Macen, good luck with the new company! Your kids must be exactly the same as mine. I have one away at college now, and my younger one graduates from the UK equivalent of HS next year too. Will see where we end up after that, since both kids will be at a potential relocation point at the time.
  3. Weekend SG

    I pointed Game Archaeologist at SG the other day. I don't have high hopes for the amount of relevant information they'll pull, but it could be amusing if they do.
  4. Late to the Party

    Splash Damage
  5. Late to the Party

    Oh, and now that it has been publicly announced, I can admit my company is working with Wargaming. Good fun.
  6. Late to the Party

    Heh, I've played 4000 in the last couple months. Busy learning the ins and outs of every tank known to man. Experimenting with all manner of stuff. Learning how to blue people more or less at will. You know, the important stuff.
  7. Weekend SG

    Ha, that's awesome Macen. I played LoL with my kids for years.
  8. A trip down memory lane

    I read this forum once in a blue moon. Playing WoT on the EU server right now. Otherwise, not gaming too hard currently. Gasp! Macen is playing LoL! That's cool. I did for many years but really haven't for about the last two.
  9. Late to the Party

    So I accidentally have to master WoT and am now playing on the EU servers. If anyone still plays this game, hit me up. Yeah, I know, most people did this long ago, but humor me, I'm old.
  10. History of IC/Einherjar?

    Heck, I don't particularly remember that being the deal breaker either. I do know that IC.com had kind of split off into separate groups that were no longer managed by a central 'vision', and instead tended to just do their own thing with whoever their local leader type was. The further it got down that path, the less the central organization worked. I started just focusing on the EVE group and not worrying about the rest. I think IC.com got handed off to Rice during this period. Later when I was out of work for overly long during the recession I didn't want anything distracting me from just chasing employment, and set the EVE group aside. That would have been back in 2010 or so. EVE group staggered onwards for a bit, but largely broke and died thereafter, and we just went ahead and shut the alliance down.
  11. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

    I started playing Hearthstone again with the Whispers expansions. I like that GvG has gone away from standard format, since that set was craptasticly random. I really enjoyed the first week post-launch where everyone was playing C'thun decks and I could just eat them alive with my control priest, but now that the season has evolved a bit we're down to really focused decks that take advantage of all the new cards, or super-rush. I'm now finding that having not played for 2 expansions gives me a brutal lack of key cards (epics/legendaries) which sucks. That'll take a fair while to grind up while dealing with missing them. That said, its still more fun than it has been in the past, so it has held my interest for a while. I'm slowly fleshing out my collection again. It is a shame that crafting is so inefficient. Btw, I also happened across another interesting F2P card game that I quite enjoy - Runescape Chronicle. Coming to Steam shortly, but playable via download right now. What I particularly enjoy is that the gameplay is different than most CCGs. Each player has a hero that they steer through a 5 level dungeon, placing creatures and items in front of them to buff them up, and trying to hinder the enemy hero. At the end of the dungeon the two heroes fight (assuming they both survived) and the winner is the game winner. Creative game design that leads to an enjoyable play. You won't be able to compete at the top tiers for quite a while as a pure F2P, but there is no actual reason you can't play fully free (which is how I do all F2Ps). Well worth a play if you enjoy CCGs.
  12. Haha, yeah, was amusing but didn't hold my interest super-long. Still was worth the play though and I'd pick it up for another romp at some point.
  13. Yeah, I just acquired a new (old) PC as well. One of my co-workers was upgrading his home machine and offered me his 7-year old one. I took it figuring it would go to my son, but it actually turned out to blow away my current machine.
  14. I recently ran across this game and have enjoyed it a fair bit. You play as a command unit with MOBA-style abilities, while also managing RTS units in a team battle. The gameplay is a bit faster than most MOBAs but still has plenty of good strategic decision making and a deep variety of interactions. If you try it out, feel free to look me up. I'm playing as AcheronEHJ. Shameless referral link: http://airme.ch/1GyKb7r
  15. Escape From Silver Keep

    Sorry to hear that. Afraid I'm not too likely to mess with it more at the moment. I know I've seen one of my kids play it through on wizard mode a few years back but its pretty much just in archive right now.