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  1. IC.com - The Future

    In Fact feel free to pm me if anyone needs the discord info.
  2. IC.com - The Future

    We do have a discord channel. I don't have the details handy but will be happy to get you an invite. VU - It comes up for renewal March 21, 2020. I have been renewing the domain for 2 years at a time. Looks like its going to be about $36 this time. We don't pay for hosting thanks to Ulrezaj.
  3. IC.com - The Future

    All, At this point in time I am not planning to renew IC.com the next time it comes up. Thanks.
  4. hello

    Which game did you play ?
  5. History of IC/Einherjar?

    Eh, nobody (other than bots) get scrubbed. We had a couple forum crashes over the years that resulted in losing everything.
  6. Weekend SG

    EHJ-wise? Quite a few. Overall depends on time of day and day of week..
  7. Weekend SG

    I spotted many of you yesterday, and a couple that haven't posted in this thread: Macen ColaPola
  8. Weekend SG

    Most of us are in SAKURA.
  9. Weekend SG

    Hi Ane and Smash!
  10. Weekend SG

    Ruiz and Deebs! Scheduled battle times occur on the weekends, 8am US EST on Saturday and 9am US EST on Sunday. I suggest joining the SG facebook group for a better "heads up" I expect there to be more midweek activity since these recent happenings, but full battles are unlikely IMO until the scheduled weekend times.
  11. Weekend SG

    We are almost all in Atlantis. In SAKURA. Are you the only ranked hero in your region? That could do it.
  12. Weekend SG

    The password reset function on Kru.com works (sometimes - if it doesn't work one day, try the next) if you have your account info.
  13. Weekend SG

    It says temporary but I don't buy it. Good times!!
  14. Weekend SG

    I played around 6 battles this weekend. Had a great time. Stop in! Peaches - are you using Samah or something else?