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  1. Eve

    Yes you noob I played with you and link. I was lvl 80 mg divinelyflat.
  2. Eve

    Started again. I quit for a good 8 years. Dunno if I would have let someone play my main but maybe on duckleena when I was playing air rivals.
  3. Eve

    Still fun to play. Also easier to not get bored of when you don't have 8 hours a day or more to play it.
  4. Help the strange newb

    This Psyduck would like to join discord server.
  5. Weekend SG

    Super sadface I missed this.
  6. eve-online

    That's pretty weaksauce. If ENH was still in EVE we would have killed 2812 ships and the rest would have been ours.
  7. Aquariums

    Got my 40g taken down and my 75g put up. Added a few more fish and plants so far, more plants and fish needed yet though.
  8. Official Movie Discussion Thread

    I just bought the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trilogy on blu ray off Amazon the other day. Best $13 I ever spent. If for some reason you never saw these I feel bad for you!
  9. Aquariums

    Full view of 40g Full view of 55g
  10. Aquariums

    Do any of you keep aquariums? My brother (who lives with me) bought a 55g aquarium a little less than a year ago which got me into aquariums. I went out a few months later and bought a 40g breeder and just bought a 75g to upgrade it. My brother also has a 72g bowfront so pretty soon we are gonna have a 55g, 72g, and 75g all set up. Eventually may turn 40g into a saltwater tank. Fish are awesome. I'll add pictures and other shit later if anyone is actually interested.
  11. Books

    Yea I read through the first 3 pretty fast and completely stopped reading the fourth pretty quickly. He adds way too many characters that I give no shits about.
  12. Books

    I don't know how you guys can read all the books in those fantasy series. They normally start out really good for a few books then just turn to shit as it's dragged on endlessly. I've read like 5 books in Wheel of Time before saying fuck it, didn't finish the 5th book in Sword of Truth, and quit reading the 4th book in Game of Thrones even though I think the first two books in this series were some of the best I've read for fantasy. Why do fantasy writers feel the need to drag on for fucking ever?
  13. Planet Side 2

    People should play this game with me. It's free. It's fun. The more the merrier! I'm finding it even reminds of SG just in fps form. 3 factions, land grabbing for spawn points, and the crown in the middle of the map basically being crater so whoever holds it loses the rest of their land but gets free food. Stupid wulus. Shits actually really fun it's just difficult to find where the fighting is and how to get there when you first start playing. The things we could do with just 1 squad of 12!
  14. Official Movie Discussion Thread

    I haven't seen The Hobbit yet but this is exactly what I was thinking when I first heard they were turning it into a trilogy. How da fuck?
  15. Dota2 Beta

    Sent invites to the both of you will gift once accepted.