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  1. Google Inbox

    Sorry for just responding. Got one, and now I'm not sure if I'll even replace Gmail with it. Jury is still out. You like those quotes? Man I had some amazing "discussions" on this board with those two.
  2. Google Inbox

    Anyone got an extra invite?
  3. TV Show Recommendations

    The Good Wife. This show is money! There are (I think) 4 Seasons currently free on Amazon Prime. I find it very entertaining. AND I'm freaking pumped about Game of Thrones this Sunday muahahahaha
  4. Official Movie Discussion Thread

    Gravity in 3D IMAX was worth every penny.
  5. Awesome EVE Rage after Huge Loss

    Eve terminology sounds so serious. All supers drop fleet!
  6. Awesome EVE Rage after Huge Loss

    The amount of deception, even in voice chat kind of intrigued me.
  7. I never played EVE, but this sounds like a big deal. Article Awesome Rage
  8. HoN 3.0

    What up dudes? HoN 3.0 what what
  9. Music (Muzaks)

    On a big kick diplo kick
  10. Music (Muzaks)

    Trap shit! http://soundcloud.com/diplo/hot-chip-vs-major-lazer
  11. Best headphones you've ever owned?

    I bought a pair of Grado Sr-80s 10 years ago, and I've never gone back from Grado since.
  12. Guild Wars 2

    Cool vids. Definitely looks like a game where you're enjoyment would increase if you were part of an organized group.
  13. Randumb Funny Internet Stuff Thread

  14. Music (Muzaks)

    Montreal is putting out some musicians these days... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKZMzZSguA0